A classification of the Aegeriadae of the Oriental and Ethiopian regions.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Agriomelissa amblyphaea (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Melittia amblyphaea Melittia amblyphaea n. sp.
Alonina difformis Hampson, 1919 Synonym Alonina difformis Alonina difformis n. sp.
Alonina rhynchiiformis Hampson, 1919 Synonym Alonina rhynchiiformis Alonina rhynchiiformis
Cabomina chalypsa (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Chamanthedon chalypsa Chamanthedon chalypsa n. sp.
Cabomina leucopleura (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Chamanthedon leucopleura Chamanthedon leucopleura n. sp.
Chamanthedon amorpha Hampson, 1919 Accepted Chamanthedon amorpha Chamanthedon amorpha n. sp.
Chamanthedon chrysopasta Hampson, 1919 Accepted Chamanthedon chrysopasta Chamanthedon chrysopasta n. sp.
Chamanthedon leucocera Hampson, 1919 Accepted Chamanthedon leucocera Chamanthedon leucocera n. sp.
Cicinnoscelis callosoma (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Megalosphecia callosoma Megalosphecia callosoma n. sp.
Crinipus pictipes (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Lepidopoda pictipes Lepidopoda pictipes n. sp.
Episannina flavicincta Hampson, 1919 Accepted Episannina flavicincta Episannina flavicincta n. sp.
Episannina sylphina (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Lepidopoda sylphina Lepidopoda sylphina n. sp.
Fortikona xanthopyga (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Paranthrene xanthopyga Paranthrene xanthopyga n. sp.
Grypopalpia iridescens Hampson, 1919 Accepted Grypopalpia iridescens Grypopalpia iridescens n. sp.
Hagnogyna sanguicosta (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Homogyna sanguicosta Homogyna sanguicosta n. sp.
Homogyna allaudi Hampson, 1919 Misapplied Homogyna allaudi Homogyna allaudi Le Cerf
Homogyna ignivittata Hampson, 1919 Accepted Homogyna ignivittata Homogyna ignivittata n. sp.
Lepidopoda erythromma (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Synanthedon erythromma Synanthedon erythromma n. sp.
Lepidopoda rubripicta (Hampson, 1919) Accepted Synanthedon rubripicta Synanthedon rubripicta n. sp.
Lophoceps quinquepuncta Hampson, 1919 Accepted Lophoceps quinquepuncta Lophoceps quinquepuncta n. sp.
Macrotarsipodes brachyptera (Hampson, 1919) Synonym Sphecosesia brachyptera Sphecosesia brachyptera n. n.
Macrotarsipus microthyris Hampson, 1919 Accepted Macrotarsipus microthyris Macrotarsipus microthyris n. sp.
Melittia abyssiniensis Hampson, 1919 Accepted Melittia abyssiniensis Melittia abyssiniensis n. sp.
Melittia acosmetes Hampson, 1919 Accepted Melittia acosmetes Melittia acosmetes n. sp.
Melittia bouleti Hampson, 1919 Misapplied Melittia bouleti Melittia bouleti Le Cerf