Dr. Karl Jordan's expedition to South-West Africa and Angola: Lasiocampidae.

Author:Tams W. H. T.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Pagination:95–114, pls 3–11
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Beralade jordani Tams, 1936 Accepted Beralade jordani Beralade jordani sp. n.
Chrysopsyche leptophyes Tams, 1936 Synonym Chrysopsyche leptophyes Chrysopsyche mirifica leptophyes subsp. n.
Eucraera aphrasta Tams, 1936 Synonym Eucraera aphrasta Eucraera aphrasta sp. n.
Eucraera asaphes Tams, 1936 Synonym Eucraera asaphes Eucraera gemmata asaphes subsp. n.
Gelo jordani (Tams, 1936) Accepted Opisthodontia jordani Opisthodontia jordani sp. n.
Mimopacha jordani Tams, 1936 Accepted Mimopacha jordani Mimopacha jordani sp. n.
Odontocheilopteryx triodonta Tams, 1936 Synonym Odontocheilopteryx triodonta Odontocheilopteryx triodonta sp. n.
Pachytrina papyroides (Tams, 1936) Accepted Pachypasa papyroides Pachypasa papyroides sp. n.
Pallastica pyrsocoma (Tams, 1936) Accepted Pachypasa pyrsocoma Pachypasa mesoleuca pyrsocoma subsp. n.
Pallastica pyrsocorsa (Tams, 1936) Accepted Pachypasa pyrsocorsa Pachypasa pyrsocorsa sp. n.
Philotherma melambela Tams, 1936 Accepted Philotherma melambela Philotherma melambela sp. n.
Pseudolyra caiala Tams, 1936 Accepted Pseudolyra caiala Pseudolyra caiala sp. n.
Pseudolyra miona Tams, 1936 Accepted Pseudolyra miona Pseudolyra miona sp. n.
Pseudometa jordani Tams, 1936 Accepted Pseudometa jordani Pseudometa jordani sp. n.
Pseudometa plinthochroa Tams, 1936 Accepted Pseudometa plinthochroa Pseudometa plinthochroa sp. n.
Ptyssophlebia meridionalis (Tams, 1936) Accepted Catalebeda meridionalis Catalebeda elegans meridionalis subsp. n.
Sena exocyrta (Tams, 1936) Synonym Beralade exocyrta Beralade quirimbo exocyrta subsp. n.
Sena quirimbo (Tams, 1936) Accepted Beralade quirimbo Beralade quirimbo sp. n.
Stenophatna rothschildi (Tams, 1936) Accepted Opisthodontia rothschildi Opisthodontia rothschildi sp. n.
Stoermeriana amblycalymma (Tams, 1936) Accepted Nadiasa amblycalymma Nadiasa amblycalymma sp. n.
Stoermeriana amphilecta (Tams, 1936) Accepted Nadiasa amphilecta Nadiasa amphilecta sp. n.
Stoermeriana oinopa (Tams, 1936) Accepted Nadiasa oinopa Nadiasa oinopa sp. n.
Stoermeriana pachyla (Tams, 1936) Accepted Nadiasa pachyla Nadiasa pachyla sp. n.
Stoermeriana pamphenges (Tams, 1936) Accepted Nadiasa pamphenges Nadiasa pamphenges sp. n.
Stoermeriana quirimbo (Tams, 1936) Synonym Nadiasa quirimbo Nadiasa quirimbo sp. n.