The Moths of South Africa. V. Gelechiadae.

Author:Janse A. J. T.
Publisher:E. P. and Commercial Printing Company, Durban.
Pagination:173–300, pls 89–136
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acutitornus munda Janse, 1951 Accepted Acutitornus munda Acutitornus munda, nov. spec.
Anastomopteryx angulata Janse, 1951 Accepted Anastomopteryx angulata Anastomopteryx angulata, spec. nov.
Aproaerema africanella (Janse, 1951) Accepted Schuetzeia africanella Schützeia africanella spec. nov.
Aproaerema monochromella (Janse, 1951) Accepted Syncopacma monochromella Syncopacma monochromella, spec. nov.
Aproaerema perfuscata (Janse, 1951) Accepted Syncopacma perfuscata Syncopacma perfuscata, spec. nov.
Cerofrontia griseotincta Janse, 1951 Accepted Cerofrontia griseotincta Cerofrontia griseotincta, nov. spec.
Dichomeris reducta (Janse, 1951) Accepted Holaxyra reducta Holaxyra reducta spec. nov.
Grandipalpa robusta Janse, 1951 Accepted Grandipalpa robusta Grandipalpa robusta, spec. nov.
Ochrodia erecnista (Janse, 1951) Misapplied Scrobipalpa erecnista [Scrobipalpa] erecnista
Ochrodia turgida (Janse, 1951) Synonym Scrobipalpa turgida Scrobipalpa turgida nov. spec.
Octonodula binotella Janse, 1951 Accepted Octonodula binotella Octonodula binotella, spec. nov.
Platyphalla ochrinotata Janse, 1951 Accepted Platyphalla ochrinotata Platyphalla ochrinotata spec. nov.
Rotundivalva blanda Janse, 1951 Accepted Rotundivalva blanda Rotundivalva blanda, spec. nov.
Schizovalva bistrigata Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva bistrigata Schizovalva bistrigata
Schizovalva brunneotincta Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva brunneotincta Schizovalva brunneotincta spec. nov.
Schizovalva leucogrisea Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva leucogrisea Schizovalva leucogrisea, spec. nov.
Schizovalva nigrifasciata Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva nigrifasciata Schizovalva nigrifasciata, spec. nov.
Schizovalva ochrotincta Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva ochrotincta Schizovalva ochrotincta, spec. nov.
Schizovalva perirrorata Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva perirrorata Schizovalva perirrorata
Schizovalva peronectus (Janse, 1951) Misapplied Gelechia peronectus Gelechia peronectus Meyr.
Schizovalva rubigitincta Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva rubigitincta Schizovalva rubigitincta, spec. nov.
Schizovalva xerochroa Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva xerochroa Schizovalva xerochroa, spec. nov.
Schizovalva xylotincta Janse, 1951 Accepted Schizovalva xylotincta Schizovalva xylotincta, spec. nov.
Stomopteryx batrarcha Janse, 1951 Misapplied Stomopteryx batrarcha Stomopteryx batrarcha Meyr.
Stomopteryx circae Janse, 1951 Misapplied Stomopteryx circae Stomopteryx circae Meyr.