Descriptions of new Pyralidae in the subfamily Pyraustinae (cont.).

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(9) 1
Pagination:125–136; (3): 252–262; (4): 265–280
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Anania bryalis (Hampson, 1918) Accepted Lamprosema bryalis Lamprosema bryalis, sp. n.
Anania hottentota (Hampson, 1918) Synonym Lamprosema hottentota Lamprosema hottentota, n. n.
Chalcidoptera orbidiscalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Chalcidoptera orbidiscalis Chalcidoptera orbidiscalis, sp. n.
Dichocrocis biplagialis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Dichocrocis biplagialis Dichocrocis biplagialis, sp. n.
Dichocrocis rubritinctalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Dichocrocis rubritinctalis Dichocrocis rubritinctalis, sp. n.
Lamprosema chrysanthalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Lamprosema chrysanthalis Lamprosema chrysanthalis, sp. n.
Lamprosema inglorialis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Lamprosema inglorialis Lamprosema inglorialis, sp. n.
Lamprosema lateritialis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Lamprosema lateritialis Lamprosema lateritialis, sp. n.
Lygropia leucostolalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Lygropia leucostolalis Lygropia leucostolalis, sp. n.
Marwitzia polystidzalis (Hampson, 1918) Synonym Dichocrocis polystidzalis Dichocrocis polystidzalis, sp. n.
Palpita lobisignalis (Hampson, 1918) Accepted Margaronia lobisignalis Margaronia lobisignalis, sp. n.
Pardomima furcirenalis (Hampson, 1918) Accepted Lamprosema furcirenalis Lamprosema furcirenalis, sp. n.
Phostria albescentalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Phostria albescentalis Phostria albescentalis, sp. n.
Phostria araeosoma Hampson, 1918 Synonym Phostria araeosoma Phostria araeosoma, sp. n.
Phostria aterrimalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Phostria aterrimalis Phostria aterrimalis, sp. n.
Pilocrocis nigridentalis (Hampson, 1918) Synonym Piletocera nigridentalis Piletocera nigridentalis, sp. n.
Prophantis xanthomeralis (Hampson, 1918) Accepted Thliptoceras xanthomeralis Thliptoceras xanthomeralis, sp. n.
Sameodesma flavicostalis (Hampson, 1918) Synonym Sameodes flavicostalis Sameodes flavicostalis, sp. n.
Sameodesma undilinealis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Sameodesma undilinealis Sameodesma undilinealis, sp. n.
Syllepte brunneiterminalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte brunneiterminalis Syllepte brunneiterminalis, sp. n.
Syllepte disciselenalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte disciselenalis Sylepta [sic] disciselenalis, sp. n.
Syllepte maculilinealis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte maculilinealis Sylepta [sic] maculilinealis, sp. n.
Syllepte microstictalis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte microstictalis Sylepta [sic] microstictalis, sp. n.
Syllepte rogationis Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte rogationis Sylepta [sic] rogationis, sp. n.
Syllepte subcyaneoalba Hampson, 1918 Accepted Syllepte subcyaneoalba Sylepta [sic] subcyaneoalba, sp. n.