Revision der Chrysopolomidae (Lep.)

Author:Hering E. M.
Journal:Annals of the Transvaal Museum
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Chrysopoloma flavipennis Hering, 1937 Synonym Chrysopoloma flavipennis Chrysopoloma varia flavipennis subsp. nov.
Chrysopoloma nigromaculata Hering, 1937 Synonym Chrysopoloma nigromaculata Chrysopoloma variegata nigromaculata subsp. nov.
Chrysopoloma variegata Hering, 1937 Accepted Chrysopoloma variegata Chrysopoloma variegata spec. nov.
Erythropteryx roseotincta Hering, 1937 Accepted Erythropteryx roseotincta Erythropteryx roseotincta spec. nov.
Hamartia clarissa Hering, 1937 Accepted Hamartia clarissa Hamartia clarissa spec. nov.
Hamartia medora medora Hering, 1937 Accepted Hamartia medora medora Hamartia medora spec. nov.
Hamartia medora Hering, 1937 Accepted Hamartia medora Hamartia medora spec. nov.
Scotinocerides fasciata Hering, 1937 Accepted Scotinocerides fasciata Scotinocerides fasciata spec. nov.
Scotinocerides flava Hering, 1937 Misapplied Scotinocerides flava Scotinocerides dasciata spec. nov. f. flava
Scotinocerides flavina Hering, 1937 Synonym Scotinocerides flavina Scotinocerides pseudorestricta flavina subsp. nov.
Scotinocerides grisea Hering, 1937 Misapplied Scotinocerides grisea Scotinocerides fasciata spec. nov. f. grisea
Scotinocerides pseudorestricta Hering, 1937 Accepted Scotinocerides pseudorestricta Scotinocerides pseudorestricta spec. nov.
Scotinocerides sigma Hering, 1937 Accepted Scotinocerides sigma Scotinocerides sigma spec. nov.
Scotinocerides varioides Hering, 1937 Synonym Scotinocerides varioides Scotinocerides conspurcata varioides subsp. nov.