Lepidoptera. – In: List of zoological and botanical types preserved in collections in southern and East Africa.

Author:Vári L.
Publisher:South African Museums Association, Pretoria.
Pagination:i–v, 1–151 (chapter pagination: 51–90)
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Adaina periarcha Vári, 1958 Misapplied Adaina periarcha periarcha Meyrick, Adaina
Asapharcha entrotypa (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Melitoxestis entrotypa entroptypa Meyrick, Melitoxestis
Cosmopterix macobela (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Labdia macobela macobela Meyrick, Labdia
Crassuncus laquatus (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Pterophorus laquatus laquatus Meyrick, Pterophorus
Hectaphelia pharetracta (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Tortrix pharetracta [Tortrix] pharetracta Meyrick
Limnaecia effluens Vári, 1958 Misapplied Limnaecia effluens effluens Meyrick, Limnaecia
Lophonotidia leucomelanica Vári, 1958 Misapplied Lophonotidia leucomelanica leucomelanica Janse, Lophonotidia
Scotopteryx diversa (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Ortholitha diversa [Ortholitha] diversa Prout
Stagmatophora trimetra Vári, 1958 Misapplied Stagmatophora trimetra trimetra Meyrick, Stagmatophora
Thelycera xanthostophana (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Mixocera xanthostophana [Mixocera] xanthostophana Prout
Tortrix spilograpta Vári, 1958 Misapplied Tortrix spilograpta [Tortrix] spilograpta Meyrick
Trichopisthia dulcia Vári, 1958 Misapplied Trichopisthia dulcia
Typhonia craphalodes (Vári, 1958) Misapplied Melasina craphalodes craphalodes Meyrick Melasina