African Micro-Lepidoptera.

Author:Walsingham Thomas de Grey
Journal:Transactions of the entomological Society of London
Pagination:63–132, pls 3–7
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Accra viridis (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Argyrotoxa viridis Argyrotoxa viridis, sp. n.
Acrocercops punctulata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Gracillaria punctulata Gracilaria [sic] punctulata, sp. n.
Adela cuneella Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Adela cuneella Adela cuneella, sp. n.
Alloclita gambiella (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Laverna gambiella Laverna gambiella, sp. n.
Anarsia agricola Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Anarsia agricola Anarsia agricola, sp. n.
Anarsia inculta Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Anarsia inculta Anarsia inculta, sp. n.
Anatrachyntis simplex (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Pyroderces simplex Pyroderces simplex, sp. n.
Ancylis falcata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Phoxopteris falcata Phoxopteris falcata, sp. n.
Ancylis oculifera (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Phoxopteris oculifera Phoxopteris oculifera, sp. n.
Anthophila flavimaculata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Simaethis flavimaculata Simaethis flavimaculata, sp. n.
Archaeotychia albiciliata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Atychia albiciliata Atychia albiciliata, sp. n.
Aspades hutchinsonella (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Gelechia hutchinsonella Gelechia hutchinsonella, sp. n.
Autochthonus chalybiellus Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Autochthonus chalybiellus Autochthonus chalybiellus, sp. n.
Barbaroscardia fasciata Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Barbaroscardia fasciata Barbaroscardia fasciata, sp. n.
Choristoneura occidentalis (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Cacoecia occidentalis Cacoecia occidentalis, sp. n.
Cnephasia tigrina (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Argyrotoxa tigrina Argyrotoxa tigrina, sp. n.
Cosmopterix cognita Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Cosmopterix cognita Cosmopteryx [sic] cognita, sp. n.
Crobylophora metallifera (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Microthauma metallifera Microthauma metallifera, sp. n.
Cryptolectica bifasciata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Gracillaria bifasciata Gracilaria [sic] bifasciata, sp. n.
Dactylethrella bryophilella (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Nothris bryophilella Nothris bryophilella, sp. n.
Dichomeris fracticostella (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Anorthosia fracticostella Anorthosia fracticostella, sp. n.
Dichomeris marginata (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Brachycrossata marginata Brachycrossata marginata, sp. n.
Dichomeris marmoratus (Walsingham, 1891) Accepted Ypsolophus marmoratus Ypsolophus marmoratus, sp. n.
Dichrorampha excisa Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Dichrorampha excisa Dichrorampha excisa, sp. n.
Dissoctena affinis Walsingham, 1891 Accepted Dissoctena affinis Dissoctena affinis, sp. n.