On moths collected at Aden and in Somaliland.

Author:Walsingham Thomas de Grey & Hampson G. F.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:257–283, pl. 10
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acidaliastis micra micra Hampson, 1896 Accepted Acidaliastis micra micra Acidaliastis micra, n. sp.
Acidaliastis micra Hampson, 1896 Accepted Acidaliastis micra Acidaliastis micra, n. sp.
Agrotis pictifascia (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Heliothis pictifascia Heliothis pictifascia, n. sp.
Amselia leucozonellus (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Crambus leucozonellus Crambus leucozonellus, n. sp.
Anarsia acaciae Walsingham, 1896 Accepted Anarsia acaciae Anarsia acaciae, Wlsm., sp. n.
Ancylosis carnibasalis (Hampson, 1896) Synonym Heterographis carnibasalis Heterographis carnibasalis, n. sp.
Ancylosis nigritarsea Hampson, 1896 Accepted Ancylosis nigritarsea Ancylosis nikgritarsea, n. sp.
Ancylosis proniphea (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Heterographis proniphea Heterographis proniphea, n. sp.
Ancylosis unipunctella (Hampson, 1896) Synonym Heterographis unipunctella Heterographis unipunctella, n. sp.
Aplectropus leucopis Hampson, 1896 Accepted Aplectropus leucopis Aplectropus leucopis, n. sp.
Archinola pyralidia Hampson, 1896 Accepted Archinola pyralidia Archinola pyralidia, sp. n.
Asplenia melanodonta melanodonta (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Melipotis melanodonta melanodonta Melipotis melanodonta, n. sp.
Asplenia melanodonta (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Melipotis melanodonta Melipotis melanodonta, n. sp.
Balqisia metamelana (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Nephopterix metamelana Nephopteryx [sic] (Salebria) metamelana, n. sp.
Creataloum arabicum (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Spilosoma arabicum Spilosoma arabicum, n. sp.
Crinipus leucozonipus Hampson, 1896 Accepted Crinipus leucozonipus Crinipus leucozonipus
Cybalomia albilinealis (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Aporodes albilinealis Aporodes albilinealis, n. sp.
Emmalocera strigicostella (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Polyocha strigicostella Polyocha strigicostella, n. sp.
Epicrocis erubescens Hampson, 1896 Accepted Epicrocis erubescens Epicrocis (Candiope) erubescens, n. sp.
Eretmocera fasciata Walsingham, 1896 Accepted Eretmocera fasciata Eretmocera fasciata, Wlsm., sp. n.
Eublemma ecthaemata Hampson, 1896 Accepted Eublemma ecthaemata Eublemma ecthaemata, n. sp.
Eublemma seminivea Hampson, 1896 Accepted Eublemma seminivea Eublemma seminivea, n. sp.
Holcophora molitor (Walsingham, 1896) Accepted Gelechia molitor Gelechia molitor, Wlsm., sp. n.
Hypotacha ochribasalis (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Pseudophia ochribasalis Pseudophia ochribasalis, n. sp.
Hypotia rufimarginalis (Hampson, 1896) Accepted Constantia rufimarginalis Constantia [Zonora] rufimarginalis, n. sp.