Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae in the collection of the British Museum. V. Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (Natural History), London.
Pagination:i–xvi, 1–634
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Analetia polyrabda (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Cirphis polyrabda Cirphis polyrabda, n. sp.
Apospasta atrirena (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Polia atrirena Polia atrirena, n. sp.
Apospasta fuscirufa (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Polia fuscirufa Polia fuscirufa, n. sp.
Apospasta venata (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Polia venata Polia venata, n. sp.
Aspidifrontia glaucescens Hampson, 1905 Accepted Aspidifrontia glaucescens Aspidifrontia glaucescens, n. sp.
Aspidifrontia pectinata (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Meliana pectinata Meliana pectinata, n. sp.
Aspidifrontia radiata Hampson, 1905 Accepted Aspidifrontia radiata Aspidifrontia radiata, n. sp.
Cardepia deserticola Hampson, 1905 Misapplied Cardepia deserticola Cardepia irrisor Ab. 1. deserticola, Bang-Haas, ined.
Chabuata amoeba Hampson, 1905 Accepted Chabuata amoeba Chabuata amoeba, n. sp.
Faronta exsul (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Meliana exsul Meliana exsul
Leucania acrapex (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Borolia acrapex Borolia acrapex, n. sp.
Leucania atrinota (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Cirphis atrinota Cirphis atrinota, n. sp.
Leucania bilineata (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia bilineata Borolia bilineata, n. sp.
Leucania crenulata (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Cirphis crenulata Cirphis crenulata, sp. n.
Leucania cupreata (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia cupreata Borolia cupreata, n. sp.
Leucania leucosticha (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Cirphis leucosticha Cirphis leucosticha, n. n.
Leucania longipennis (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Meliana longipennis Meliana longipennis, n. sp.
Leucania melanostrota (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia melanostrota Borolia melanostrota, n. sp.
Leucania ptyonophora (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Cirphis ptyonophora Cirphis ptyonophora, n. sp.
Leucania sesamiodes (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Borolia sesamiodes Borolia sesamiodes, sp. n.
Melionica tenebra (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Meliana tenebra Meliana tenebra, n. sp.
Mythimna brantsi (Hampson, 1905) Synonym Cirphis brantsi Cirphis brantsi. Leucania brantsii Snell.
Mythimna citrinotata (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia citrinotata Borolia citrinotata, n. sp.
Mythimna diopis (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia diopis Borolia diopis, n. sp.
Mythimna leucogramma (Hampson, 1905) Accepted Borolia leucogramma Borolia leucogramma, n. sp.