Descriptions of new African moths.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(8) 6
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aethalopteryx atrireta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Phragmataecia atrireta Phragmataecia atrireta, sp. n.
Afroarabiella fanti (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Cossus fanti Cossus fanti, sp. n.
Arbelodes albitorquata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Metarbela albitorquata Metarbela albitorquata, sp. n.
Arbelodes sticticosta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Teragra sticticosta Teragra sticticosta, sp. n.
Azygophleps melanonephele Hampson, 1910 Accepted Azygophleps melanonephele Azygophleps melanonephele, sp. n.
Azygophleps nubilosa Hampson, 1910 Accepted Azygophleps nubilosa Azygophleps nubilosa, sp. n.
Brachia albiviata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Thosea albiviata Thosea albiviata, sp. n.
Camellocossus abyssinica (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Cossus abyssinica Cossus abyssinica, sp. n.
Delorhachis strigivena (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Miresa strigivena Miresa strigivena, sp. n.
Epichnopterix transvalica Hampson, 1910 Accepted Epichnopterix transvalica Epichnopteryx transvalica, sp. n.
Gymnelema leucopasta Hampson, 1910 Accepted Gymnelema leucopasta Gymnelema leucopasta, sp. n.
Gymnelema pelverulenta Hampson, 1910 Accepted Gymnelema pelverulenta Gymnelema pelverulenta, sp. n.
Gymnelema rougemonti Hampson, 1910 Misapplied Gymnelema rougemonti Gymnelema rougemonti Heylaerts
Gymnelema stygialis Hampson, 1910 Accepted Gymnelema stygialis Gymnelema stygialis, sp. n.
Halseyia biumbrata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Paraphanta biumbrata Paraphanta biumbrata, sp. n.
Hyphorma subterminalis Hampson, 1910 Accepted Hyphorma subterminalis Hyphorma subterminalis, sp. n.
Kroonia natalica (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Lebedodes natalica Lebedodes natalica, sp. n.
Latoia flavicosta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Somara flavicosta Somara flavicosta, sp. n.
Latoia viridicosta (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Somara viridicosta Somara viridicosta, sp. n.
Lebedodes durbanica Hampson, 1910 Synonym Lebedodes durbanica Lebedodes durbanica, sp. n.
Lebedodes rufithorax Hampson, 1910 Accepted Lebedodes rufithorax Lebedodes rufithorax, sp. n.
Macroplectra albescens Hampson, 1910 Accepted Macroplectra albescens Macroplectra albescens, sp. n.
Macroplectra fuscifusa Hampson, 1910 Accepted Macroplectra fuscifusa Macroplectra fuscifusa, sp. n.
Macroplectra mesocyma Hampson, 1910 Accepted Macroplectra mesocyma Macroplectra mesocyma, sp. n.
Macroplectra obliquilinea Hampson, 1910 Accepted Macroplectra obliquilinea Macroplectra obliquilinea, sp. n.