List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXXII.– Supplement Part 2.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 323–706
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Adrallia bipunctata Walker, 1865 Accepted Adrallia bipunctata Adrallia bipunctata
Agrotis aneituma Walker, 1865 Synonym Agrotis aneituma Agrotis aneituma
Agrotis certificata Walker, 1865 Synonym Agrotis certificata Agrotis certificata
Agrotis conspurcata Walker, 1865 Synonym Agrotis conspurcata Agrotis conspurcata
Agrotis repulsa Walker, 1865 Synonym Agrotis repulsa Agrotis repulsa
Amyna inornata (Walker, 1865) Synonym Miana inornata Miana inornata
Amyna leucospila (Walker, 1865) Synonym Perigea leucospila Perigea leucospila
Amyna palpalis (Walker, 1865) Synonym Miana palpalis Miana palpalis
Anadiasa sobria (Walker, 1865) Synonym Nyssia sobria Nyssia ? sobria
Arctiocossus ligatus (Walker, 1865) Accepted Cossus ligatus Cossus ligatus
Aroa difficilis Walker, 1865 Accepted Aroa difficilis Aroa difficilis
Aroa ochraceata Walker, 1865 Synonym Aroa ochraceata Aroa ochraceata
Aroa signata Walker, 1865 Synonym Aroa signata Aroa signata
Azygophleps bivittata (Walker, 1865) Synonym Zeuzera bivittata Zeuzera bivittata
Bombycopsis indecora (Walker, 1865) Synonym Lasiocampa indecora Lasiocampa indecora
Braura ligniclusa Walker, 1865 Accepted Braura ligniclusa Braura ligniclusa
Casama indeterminata Walker, 1865 Synonym Casama indeterminata Casama indeterminata
Casama vilis (Walker, 1865) Accepted Euproctis vilis Euproctis vilis
Catalebeda bimaculata (Walker, 1865) Synonym Megasoma bimaculata Megasoma bimaculata
Chasmina candida (Walker, 1865) Accepted Arbasera candida Arbasera candida
Chasmina glabra Walker, 1865 Synonym Chasmina glabra Chasmina glabra
Chrysopoloma rudis (Walker, 1865) Accepted Lasiocampa rudis Lasiocampa rudis
Cirina venusta (Walker, 1865) Misapplied Sculna venusta Sculna venusta
Coenobasis albiramosa (Walker, 1865) Accepted Parasa albiramosa Parasa albiramosa
Condica canorufa (Walker, 1865) Synonym Perigea canorufa Perigea canorufa