Notes on the Lepidoptera of St. Helena, with descriptions of new species.

Author:Wollaston T. V.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(5) 3
Pagination:219–233; (17): 329–343; (18): 415–441
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Agdistis sanctaehelenae (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Adactyla sanctaehelenae Adactyla sanctae helenae, E. Woll.
Chrysodeixis dalei (Wollaston E., 1879) Synonym Plusia dalei Plusia Dalei, E. Woll.
Cosmopterix flavofasciata Wollaston E., 1879 Synonym Cosmopterix flavofasciata Cosmopteryx [sic] flavofasciata, E. Woll.
Crocidosema obscura (Wollaston E., 1879) Synonym Steganoptycha obscura Steganoptycha obscura, E. Woll.
Ctenoplusia limberina (Wollaston, 1879) Misapplied Plusia limberina Plusia limberina, Guén.
Elachista trifasciata (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Stagmatophora trifasciata Stagmatophora trifasciata, E. Woll.
Glyphipterix semilunaris Wollaston E., 1879 Accepted Glyphipterix semilunaris Glyphipteryx [sic] semilunaris, E. Woll.
Helenoscoparia helenensis (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Scoparia helenensis Scoparia helenensis, E. Woll.
Helenoscoparia scintillulalis (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Scoparia scintillulalis Scoparia scintillulalis, E. Woll.
Helenoscoparia similis (Wollaston E., 1879) Synonym Scoparia similis Scoparia similis, E. Woll.
Helenoscoparia transversalis (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Scoparia transversalis Scoparia transversalis, E. Woll.
Hypsopygia helenensis (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Pyralis helenensis Pyralis helenensis, E. Woll.
Opogona actaeon (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea actaeon Tinea actaeon, E. Woll.
Opogona apicalis (Wollaston E., 1879) Synonym Tinea apicalis Tinea apicalis, E. Woll.
Opogona atlantica (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea atlantica Tinea atlantica, E. Woll.
Opogona brunneomarmorata (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea brunneomarmorata Tinea brunneo-marmorata, E. Woll.
Opogona compositarum (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea compositarum Tinea compositarum, E. Woll.
Opogona congenera (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea congenera Tinea congenera, E. Woll.
Opogona divisa (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea divisa Tinea divisa, E. Woll.
Opogona fasciculata (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea fasciculata Tinea fasciculata, E. Woll.
Opogona flavotincta (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea flavotincta Tinea flavotincta, E. Woll.
Opogona helenae (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea helenae Tinea helenae, E. Woll.
Opogona helenaeoides (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea helenaeoides Tinea helenaeoides, E. Woll.
Opogona irrorata (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea irrorata Tinea irrorata, E. Woll.
Opogona niveopicta (Wollaston E., 1879) Accepted Tinea niveopicta Tinea niveopicta, E. Woll.