Revision of the tribe Nolini of Africa and the Western Palaearctic Region (Lepidoptera, Noctuoidea, Noctuidae, Nolinae).

Author:Hacker H. H., Schreier H.-P. & Goater B.
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Barasa hulstaerti Hacker, 2012 Accepted Barasa hulstaerti Barasa hulstaerti Hacker spec. nov.
Barasa katbergensis Hacker, 2012 Accepted Barasa katbergensis Barasa katbergensis Hacker spec. nov.
Evonima westafricana Hacker, 2012 Accepted Evonima westafricana Evonima westafricana Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola aulombardiella (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola aulombardiella Nola (N.) aulombardiella Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola elachistomorpha (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nolidia elachistomorpha Nolidia elachistomorpha Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola inexplicabilis (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Meganola inexplicabilis Meganola inexplicabilis Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola nanographa (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Meganola nanographa Meganola nanographa Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola nanoxantha (Hacker, 2012) Synonym Nolidia nanoxantha Nolidia nanoxantha Hacker spec. nov.
Hampsonola polionana (Hacker, 2012) Synonym Nolidia polionana Nolidia polionana Hacker spec. nov.
Madanola fuscocandida Hacker, 2012 Accepted Madanola fuscocandida Madanola fuscocandida Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix abyssinica subiridescens (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola abyssinica subiridescens Nola (Mecothrix) abyssinica subiridescens Hacker subspec. nov.
Mecothrix abyssinica (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola abyssinica Nola (Mecothrix) abyssinica abyssinica Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix abyssinica abyssinica (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola abyssinica abyssinica Nola (Mecothrix) abyssinica abyssinica Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix aegyptiaca sahelica (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola aegyptiaca sahelica Nola (Mecothrix) aegyptiaca sahelica Hacker subspec. nov.
Mecothrix aegyptiaca cana (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola aegyptiaca cana Nola (Mecothrix) cana Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix aegyptiaca bischofi (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola aegyptiaca bischofi Nola (Mecothrix) aegyptiaca bischofi Hacker subspec. nov.
Mecothrix afroalpina (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola afroalpina Nola (Mecothrix) afroalpina Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix balealpina (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola balealpina Nola (Mecothrix) balealpina Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix bittermanni (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola bittermanni Nola (Mecothrix) bittermanni Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix brachymorpha (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola brachymorpha Nola (Mecothrix) brachymorpha Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix destituta (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola destituta Nola (Mecothrix) destituta Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix lobmayeri (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola lobmayeri Nola (Mecothrix) lobmayeri Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix mineti (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola mineti Nola (Mecothrix) mineti Hacker spec. nov.
Mecothrix omphalota euroetes (Hacker, 2012) Accepted Nola omphalota euroetes Nola (Mecothrix) euroetes Hacker subspec. nov.
Mecothrix toulgoetiana (Hacker & Hoppe, 2012) Accepted Nola toulgoetiana Nola (Mecothrix) toulgoetiana Hacker & Hoppe spec. nov.