List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXIX.– Tineites.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 563–835
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Anatrachyntis incertulella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Gelechia incertulella Gelechia incertulella
Dichomeris decusella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Gaesa decusella Gaesa decusella
Endrosis subditella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Gelechia subditella Gelechia subditella
Epichoristodes acerbella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Depressaria acerbella Depressaria acerbella
Eretmocera derogatella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Exodomorpha derogatella Exodomorpha derogatella
Eretmocera divisella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Exodomorpha divisella Exodomorpha divisella
Eretmocera impactella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Gelechia impactella Gelechia impactella
Eretmocera inclusella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Exodomorpha inclusella Exodomorpha inclusella
Gelechia abjunctella Walker, 1864 Accepted Gelechia abjunctella Gelechia abjunctella
Lindera bogotatella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Safra bogotatella Safra bogotatella
Orophia eariasella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Cryptolechia eariasella Cryptolechia eariasella
Scrobipalpa aptatella (Walker, 1864) Accepted Gelechia aptatella Gelechia aptatella
Sitotroga arctella (Walker, 1864) Synonym Gelechia arctella Gelechia arctella