List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXXV.– Supplement Part 5.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1535–2040
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrobasis confusella (Walker, 1866) Accepted Nephopterix confusella Nephopteryx [sic] confusella
Acrobasis ramosella Walker, 1866 Accepted Acrobasis ramosella Acrobasis ramosella
Aethiopodes indecoraria (Walker, 1866) Synonym Azelina indecoraria Azelina ? indecoraria
Aglossa incultella (Walker, 1866) Synonym Acrobasis incultella Acrobasis incultella
Anacleora perfectaria (Walker, 1866) Synonym Boarmia perfectaria Boarmia perfectaria
Arniocera zambesina (Walker, 1866) Accepted Zygaena zambesina Zygaena Zambesina
Bactra siccella (Walker, 1866) Synonym Ancylolomia siccella Ancylolomia siccella
Cadra desuetella (Walker, 1866) Synonym Nephopterix desuetella Nephopteryx [sic] desuetella
Calamotropha anticella (Walker, 1866) Accepted Ancylolomia anticella Ancylolomia ? anticella
Casphalia flavicollis Walker, 1866 Accepted Casphalia flavicollis Casphalia flavicollis
Casuariclystis inexplicata (Walker, 1866) Synonym Eupithecia inexplicata Eupithecia inexplicata
Casuariclystis latifascia (Walker, 1866) Accepted Eupithecia latifascia Eupithecia latifascia
Casuariclystis perceptata (Walker, 1866) Synonym Eupithecia perceptata Eupithecia perceptata
Chiasmia desiccata (Walker, 1866) Synonym Tephrina desiccata Tephrina desiccata
Chlorissa reductata (Walker, 1866) Synonym Jodis reductata Iodis [sic] reductata
Chlorograpta variegata (Walker, 1866) Accepted Pradiota variegata Pradiota ? variegata
Comostola perlepidaria (Walker, 1866) Synonym Eucrostes perlepidaria Eucrostis [sic] perlepidaria
Comostola pyrrhogona pyrrhogona (Walker, 1866) Accepted Eucrostes pyrrhogona pyrrhogona Eucrostis [sic] pyrrhogona
Comostola pyrrhogona (Walker, 1866) Accepted Eucrostes pyrrhogona Eucrostis [sic] pyrrhogona
Compsoctena subauratana (Walker, 1866) Synonym Galaria subauratana Galaria subauratana
Crambus sparsellus Walker, 1866 Accepted Crambus sparsellus Crambus sparsellus
Cretonia platyphaeella Walker, 1866 Accepted Cretonia platyphaeella Cretonia platyphaeella
Earias biplaga Walker, 1866 Accepted Earias biplaga Earias biplaga
Earias fervida Walker, 1866 Synonym Earias fervida Earias fervida
Earias simillima Walker, 1866 Synonym Earias simillima Earias simillima