New genera and species of moths from the Old-World regions in the Tring Museum.

Author:Warren W.
Journal:Novitates Zoologicae
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acropteris costinigrata Warren, 1897 Accepted Acropteris costinigrata Acropteris nigricostata sp. nov.
Acropteris insticta Warren, 1897 Accepted Acropteris insticta Acropteris insticta sp. nov.
Acropteris nigrisquama Warren, 1897 Accepted Acropteris nigrisquama Acropteris nigrisquama sp. nov.
Agathia confuscata Warren, 1897 Accepted Agathia confuscata Agathia confuscata sp. nov.
Aletis flexilimes (Warren, 1897) Synonym Cartaletis flexilimes Cartaletis flexilimes sp. nov.
Allochrostes rubridentata (Warren, 1897) Synonym Syndromodes rubridentata Syndromodes rubridentata sp. nov.
Anania impunctata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Lygropis impunctata Lygropis impunctata sp. nov.
Antharmostes marginata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Chlorostrota marginata Chlorostrota marginata sp. nov.
Antitrygodes dentilinea Warren, 1897 Accepted Antitrygodes dentilinea Antitrygodes dentilinea sp. nov.
Aplochlora invisibilis Warren, 1897 Accepted Aplochlora invisibilis Aplochlora invisibilis sp. nov.
Ascotis antelmaria marmorata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Chogada antelmaria marmorata Chogada marmorata sp. nov.
Barrama impunctata Warren, 1897 Accepted Barrama impunctata Barrama impunctata sp. nov.
Bathycolpodes marginata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Episothalma marginata Episothalma marginata sp. nov.
Bathycolpodes semigrisea (Warren, 1897) Accepted Episothalma semigrisea Episothalma semigrisea sp. nov.
Berta persimilis (Warren, 1897) Accepted Chloromma persimilis Chloromma persimilis sp. nov.
Bostra tripartita (Warren, 1897) Accepted Scotomera tripartita Scotomera tripartita sp. nov.
Cabera pallida (Warren, 1897) Misapplied Petelia pallida Petelia strigata ab. pallida nov.
Cabera strigata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Petelia strigata Petelia strigata sp. nov.
Cacochloris ochrea (Warren, 1897) Accepted Euchloris ochrea Euchloris ochrea sp. nov.
Chiasmia commixta (Warren, 1897) Synonym Godonela commixta Gonodela [sic] commixta sp. nov.
Chiasmia congener (Warren, 1897) Synonym Tephrinopsis congener Tephrinopsis congener sp. nov.
Chiasmia crassata (Warren, 1897) Accepted Peridela crassata Peridela crassata sp. nov.
Chiasmia curvifascia (Warren, 1897) Accepted Peridela curvifascia Peridela curvifascia sp. nov.
Chiasmia distinguenda (Warren, 1897) Synonym Godonela distinguenda Gonodela [sic] distinguenda sp. nov.
Chiasmia duplicilinea (Warren, 1897) Accepted Godonela duplicilinea Gonodela [sic] duplicilinea sp. nov.