Descriptions of new species of Lepidoptera Heterocera in the South African Museum.

Author:Warren W.
Journal:Annals of the South African Museum
Pagination:467–510, pls 40–41
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acrapex tristrigata Warren, 1914 Accepted Acrapex tristrigata Acrapex tristrigata, spec. nov.
Agrotis contingens (Warren, 1914) Accepted Euxoa contingens Euxoa contingens, spec. nov.
Agrotis sordida (Warren, 1914) Misapplied Euxoa sordida Euxoa sordida, spec. nov.
Ancylosis albipunctella (Warren, 1914) Accepted Heterographis albipunctella Heterographis albipunctella, spec. nov.
Ancylosis inangulella Warren, 1914 Accepted Ancylosis inangulella Ancylosis inangulella, spec. nov.
Ancylosis rufitincta Warren, 1914 Misapplied Ancylosis rufitincta Ancylosis inangulella, spec. nov. ab. rufitincta, ab. nov.
Aphilopota approximans (Warren, 1914) Synonym Catascia approximans Catascia approximans, spec. nov.
Bostra carnicolor Warren, 1914 Accepted Bostra carnicolor Bostra carnicolor, spec. nov.
Bostra flavicostalis Warren, 1914 Accepted Bostra flavicostalis Bostra flavicostalis, spec. nov.
Brephos incongruella (Warren, 1914) Accepted Brephia incongruella Brephia incongruella, spec. nov.
Caffrocrambus angulilinea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Homoeosoma angulilinea Homoeosoma angulilinea, spec. nov.
Chiasmia bitaeniata (Warren, 1914) Synonym Tephrinopsis bitaeniata Tephrinopsis bitaeniata, spec. nov.
Chiasmia dentilineata_homonym (Warren, 1914) Accepted Loxopora dentilineata_homonym Loxopora dentilineata, spec. nov.
Corgatha albigrisea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Penisa albigrisea Penisa albigrisea, spec. nov.
Daulia auriplumbea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Platytes auriplumbea Platytes auriplumbea, spec. nov.
Drepanogynis bipartita (Warren, 1914) Accepted Axiodes bipartita Axiodes bipartita, spec. nov.
Drepanogynis renitens (Warren, 1914) Synonym Catascia renitens Catascia renitens, spec. nov.
Drepanogynis strigifera (Warren, 1914) Synonym Lissodes strigifera Lissodes strigifera, spec. nov.
Drepanogynis unilineata (Warren, 1914) Misapplied Dyscia unilineata Dyscia unilineata, spec. nov.
Drepanogynis valida (Warren, 1914) Accepted Eulasia valida Eulasia valida, spec. nov.
Ectochela albiapicata (Warren, 1914) Accepted Centrarthra albiapicata Centrarthra albiapicata, spec. nov.
Ectochela argentea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Centrarthra argentea Centrarthra argentea, spec. nov.
Ectochela brunnea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Centrarthra brunnea Centrarthra brunnea, spec. nov.
Ectochela cretacea (Warren, 1914) Accepted Centrarthra cretacea Centrarthra cretacea, spec. nov.
Ectochela fulvinotata (Warren, 1914) Accepted Centrarthra fulvinotata Centrarthra fulvinotata, spec. nov.