Some apparently undescribed species of Heterocera from the Transvaal.

Author:Distant W. L.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(7) 4
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Chrysopoloma restricta Distant, 1899 Accepted Chrysopoloma restricta Chrysopoloma restricta, sp. n.
Chrysopoloma varia Distant, 1899 Accepted Chrysopoloma varia Chrysopoloma varia, sp. n.
Desmeocraera basalis Distant, 1899 Accepted Desmeocraera basalis Desmeocraera basalis, sp. n.
Hemerophanes libyra flammeola (Distant, 1899) Accepted Heteronygmia libyra flammeola Heteronygmia flammeola, sp. n.
Laelia confinis (Distant, 1899) Accepted Dasychira confinis Dasychira confinis, sp. n.
Laelia figlina Distant, 1899 Accepted Laelia figlina Laelia figlina, sp. n.
Phiala arrecta Distant, 1899 Synonym Phiala arrecta Phiala arrecta, sp. n.
Pseudolyra distincta (Distant, 1899) Accepted Philudoria distincta Philudoria distincta, sp. n.
Sarimarais bicolor (Distant, 1899) Accepted Chadisra bicolor Chadisra bicolor, sp. n.
Theretra orphaeus (Distant, 1899) Misapplied Panacra orphaeus Panacra orphaeus, Herr.-Schäff.