Descriptions of new species and genera of West African Lepidoptera.

Author:Holland W. J.
Pagination:373–376, 393–400, 411–418, 431–434, 451–454, 469–476 (…) 549–552, 565–568, pls 10, 17, 18, 20, 21
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Abynotha hylomima (Holland, 1893) Accepted Liparis hylomima L.[iparis] hylomima, sp. nov.
Afrasura clara (Holland, 1893) Accepted Miltochrista clara M.[iltochrista] Clara, sp. nov.
Afrasura craigii (Holland, 1893) Accepted Miltochrista craigii M.[iltochrista] Craigii, sp. nov.
Afrasura erythrias (Holland, 1893) Accepted Miltochrista erythrias M.[iltochrista] (?) erythrias, sp. nov.
Afrasura indecisa gabunica (Holland, 1893) Synonym Barsine indecisa gabunica B.[arsine] Gubunica, sp. nov.
Afrasura temperata (Holland, 1893) Accepted Cabarda temperata C.[abarda] temperata, sp. nov.
Agaphthora cybelistes (Holland, 1893) Synonym Syntomis cybelistes S.[yntomis] cybelistes, sp. nov.
Agaphthora elasson (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis elasson S.[yntomis] elasson, sp. nov.
Agaphthora leugalea (Holland, 1893) Synonym Syntomis leugalea S.[yntomis] leugalea, sp. nov.
Amata creobota (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis creobota S.[yntomis] creobota, sp. nov.
Amata goodii (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis goodii S.[yntomis] Goodii, sp. nov.
Amata leimacis (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis leimacis S.[yntomis] leimacis, sp. nov.
Amata leucerythra (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis leucerythra S.[yntomis] leucerythra, sp. nov.
Amata ogovensis (Holland, 1893) Synonym Syntomis ogovensis S.[yntomis] Ogovensis, sp. nov.
Amata reutlingeri (Holland, 1893) Synonym Syntomis reutlingeri S.[yntomis] reutlingeri, sp. nov.
Anapisa crenophylax (Holland, 1893) Accepted Syntomis crenophylax S.[yntomis] crenophylax, sp. nov.
Anapisa leucogastra (Holland, 1893) Synonym Syntomis leucogastra S.[yntomis] leucogastra, sp. nov.
Anapisa monotica (Holland, 1893) Accepted Anace monotica A.[nace] monotica, sp. nov.
Anapisa parachoria (Holland, 1893) Synonym Anace parachoria A.[nace] parachoria, sp. nov.
Anomoeotes leucolena Holland, 1893 Accepted Anomoeotes leucolena A.[nomoeotes] leucolena, sp. nov.
Anomoeotes tenellula Holland, 1893 Accepted Anomoeotes tenellula A.[nomoeotes] tenellula, sp. nov.
Apisa cana Holland, 1893 Synonym Apisa cana A.[pisa] cana, sp. nov.
Apisa cinereocostata Holland, 1893 Accepted Apisa cinereocostata A.[pisa] cinereo-costata, sp. nov.
Archilema subumbrata (Holland, 1893) Accepted Lepista subumbrata L.[epista] subumbrata, sp. nov.
Archithosia decipiens (Holland, 1893) Synonym Sozuza decipiens S.[ozuza] decipiens, sp. nov.