List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXVI.– Geometrites (continued).

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Volume:26 (1962)
Pagination:i–iv, 1479–1796
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acanthovalva perdecorata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Camptogramma perdecorata Camptogramma perdecorata
Apatadelpha biocellaria (Walker, 1863) Accepted Panagra biocellaria Panagra biocellaria
Aphilopota conturbata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Gnophos conturbata Gnophos conturbata
Aphilopota patulata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Angerona patulata Angerona ? patulata
Aphilopota patulata patulata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Angerona patulata patulata Angerona ? patulata
Aspitates inceptaria (Walker, 1863) Accepted Aspilates inceptaria Aspilates inceptaria
Aspitates sabuliferata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Aspilates sabuliferata Aspilates sabuliferata
Chiasmia exfusaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Aspilates exfusaria Aspilates ? exfusaria
Chiasmia exumbrata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Aspilates exumbrata Aspilates exumbrata
Chiasmia gnophosata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Macaria gnophosata Macaria gnophosata
Chiasmia infixaria (Walker, 1863) Misapplied Macaria infixaria Macaria infixaria
Chiasmia latiscriptata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Tephrina latiscriptata Tephrina latiscriptata
Chiasmia parallelaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Aspilates parallelaria Aspilates parallelaria
Chiasmia postvittata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Macaria postvittata Macaria postvittata
Chiasmia procidata semispurcata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Aspilates procidata semispurcata Aspilates semispurcata
Chiasmia testaceata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Ephyra testaceata Ephyra testaceata
Chlorissa attenuata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Nemoria attenuata Nemoria ? attenuata
Comibaena leucospilata (Walker, 1863) Accepted Geometra leucospilata Geometra leucospilata
Conolophia conscitaria consentaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Panagra conscitaria consentaria [Panagra] consentaria
Cyclophora deremptaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Anisodes deremptaria Anisodes deremptaria
Derambila punctisignata Walker, 1863 Accepted Derambila punctisignata Derambila punctisignata
Diota pustularia (Walker, 1863) Synonym Panagra pustularia Panagra ? pustularia
Drepanogynis biferaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Aspitates biferaria Aspitates ? biferaria
Drepanogynis commixtata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Azelina commixtata Azelina commixtaria
Drepanogynis convexaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Ellopia convexaria Ellopia convexaria