Illustrations of Natural History, wherein are exhibited upwards of two hundred and forty figures of Exotic Insects, according to their different genera, very few of which have hitherto been figured by any author, being engraved and coloured from (etc.)

Author:Drury D.
Publisher:B. White, London.
Pagination:i–xxvi, 1–76, index, pls 1–50
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acontia margaritata (Drury, 1782) Accepted Noctua margaritata Ph.[alaena] Noct.[ua] Margaritata
Basiothia idrieus (Drury, 1782) Synonym Sphinx idrieus Sphinx Idrieus
Caryatis phileta (Drury, 1782) Accepted Noctua phileta Noct.[ua] Phileta
Cicinnocnemis plumipes (Drury, 1782) Misapplied Sphinx plumipes Sphinx Plumipes
Coryphodema tristis (Drury, 1782) Accepted Noctua tristis Phal.[aena] Noct.[ua] Tristis
Dactyloceras lucina (Drury, 1782) Accepted Attacus lucina Phalaena Attacus Lucina
Eudaemonia brachyura (Drury, 1782) Synonym Bombyx brachyura Phal.[aena] Bom.[byx] Brachyura
Lobobunaea phaedusa phaedusa (Drury, 1782) Accepted Attacus phaedusa phaedusa Phal.[aena] Att.[acus] Phaedusa
Lobobunaea phaedusa (Drury, 1782) Accepted Attacus phaedusa Phal.[aena] Att.[acus] Phaedusa
Melinoessa fulvata (Drury, 1782) Misapplied Geometra fulvata Geom.[etra] Fulvata
Otroeda cafra (Drury, 1782) Accepted Bombyx cafra Ph.[alaena] Bomb.[yx] Cafra
Otroeda nerina (Drury, 1782) Accepted Bombyx nerina Ph.[alaena] Bomb.[yx] Nerina
Pseudobunaea alinda (Drury, 1782) Accepted Attacus alinda Att.[acus] Alinda
Pseudobunaea alinda alinda (Drury, 1782) Accepted Attacus alinda alinda Att.[acus] Alinda
Strigocossus crassa (Drury, 1782) Accepted Noctua crassa Ph.[alaena] Noct.[ua] Crassa
Zamarada eucharis (Drury, 1782) Accepted Noctua eucharis Noct.[ua] Eucharis