Lepidoptera of the Congo, being a systematic list of the butterflies and moths collected by the American Museum of Natural History Congo Expedition, together with descriptions of some hitherto undescribed species.

Author:Holland W. J.
Journal:Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History
Pagination:109–369, pls 6–14
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aburina morosa (Holland, 1920) Accepted Deinypena morosa Deinypena morosa, new species
Aburina multilineata (Holland, 1920) Accepted Deinypena multilineata Deinypena multilineata, new species
Aburina pallidior (Holland, 1920) Synonym Deinypena pallidior Deinypena morosa pallidior, new variety
Aburina transversata (Holland, 1920) Accepted Deinypena transversata Deinypena transversata, new species
Alophonotus langi (Holland, 1920) Synonym Callocossus langi Callocossus langi, new species
Archichlora phyllobrota (Holland, 1920) Accepted Osteosema phyllobrota Osteosema? phyllobrota, new species
Caligatus angasi Holland, 1920 Misapplied Caligatus angasi Caligatus angasi Wing
Chrysocraspeda medjaria (Holland, 1920) Synonym Acidalia medjaria Acidalia (?) medjaria, new species
Chrysopoloma nubila Holland, 1920 Accepted Chrysopoloma nubila Chrysopoloma nubila, new species
Chrysotypus medjensis (Holland, 1920) Synonym Proterozeuxis medjensis Proterozeuxis (?) medjensis, new species
Dasychira hildoides (Holland, 1920) Synonym Laelia hildoides Laelia hildoides, new species
Deinypena fulvida Holland, 1920 Accepted Deinypena fulvida Deinypena fulvida, new species
Deinypena obscura Holland, 1920 Accepted Deinypena obscura Deinypena obscura, new species
Dorsifulcrum chapinaria (Holland, 1920) Synonym Pseudoterpna chapinaria Pseudoterpna (?) chapinaria, new species
Epigynopteryx langaria (Holland, 1920) Accepted Gonanticlea langaria Gonanticlea (?) langaria, new species
Episparis hyalinata (Holland, 1920) Accepted Amphigonia hyalinata Amphigonia hyalinata, new species
Eudaemonia minor Holland, 1920 Synonym Eudaemonia minor Eudaemonia brachyura minor, new variety
Eutelia nigricans Holland, 1920 Accepted Eutelia nigricans Eutelia nigricans, new species
Heraclia medjensis (Holland, 1897) Synonym Xanthospilopteryx medjensis Xanthospilopteryx medjensis, new species
Hondryches avakubi (Holland, 1920) Accepted Rhynchodes avakubi Rhynchodes avakubi, new species
Hondryches efulensis (Holland, 1920) Accepted Rhynchodes efulensis Rhynchodes efulensis, new species
Leipoxais punctulata Holland, 1920 Synonym Leipoxais punctulata Leipoxais punctulata, new species
Leucoperina kahli Holland, 1920 Accepted Leucoperina kahli Leucoperina kahli, new species
Melinoessa pieridaria (Holland, 1920) Accepted Rhamidava pieridaria Rhamidava (?) pieridaria, new species
Metarctia chapini Holland, 1920 Synonym Metarctia chapini Metarctia chapini, new species