List of the specimens of lepidopterous insects in the collection of the British Museum. Part XXIV.– Geometrites (continued).

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 1021–1280
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acanthovalva designata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Speranza designata Speranza ? designata
Argyrographa moderata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Dichroma moderata Dichroma ? moderata
Aspitates illepidata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Aspilates illepidata Aspilates illepidata
Cyclophora bitactata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Pisoraca bitactata Pisoraca bitactata
Drepanogynis justaria (Walker, 1862) Synonym Aspilates justaria Aspilates ? justaria
Euphyia distinctata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Larentia distinctata Larentia distinctata
Eupithecia inconclusaria Walker, 1862 Accepted Eupithecia inconclusaria Eupithecia inconclusaria
Gesonia crambisata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Hileia crambisata Hileia crambisata
Idiodes soprinataria (Walker, 1862) Synonym Nopia soprinataria Nopia soprinataria
Isturgia occupata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Aspilates occupata Aspilates occupata
Isturgia spissata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Aspilates spissata Aspilates spissata
Larentia attenuata Walker, 1862 Accepted Larentia attenuata Larentia attenuata
Mesocolpia peremptata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Larentia peremptata Larentia peremptata
Mimoclystia coarctata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Larentia coarctata Larentia coarctata
Mimoclystia explanata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Larentia explanata Larentia explanata
Narthecusa perplexata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Negla perplexata Negla perplexata
Narthecusa perplexata perplexata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Negla perplexata perplexata Negla perplexata
Narthecusa tenuiorata tenuiorata Walker, 1862 Accepted Narthecusa tenuiorata tenuiorata Narthecusa tenuiorata
Narthecusa tenuiorata Walker, 1862 Accepted Narthecusa tenuiorata Narthecusa tenuiorata
Nassinia caffraria bupaliata (Walker, 1862) Synonym Nassunia caffraria bupaliata Nassunia bupaliata
Oaracta auricincta Walker, 1862 Accepted Oaracta auricincta Oaracta auricincta
Obolcola inconclusaria Walker, 1862 Synonym Obolcola inconclusaria Obolcola inconclusaria
Orgyiodes caparia (Walker, 1862) Accepted Fidonia caparia Fidonia ? caparia
Piercia spatiosata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Larentia spatiosata Larentia spatiosata
Rhodometra participata (Walker, 1862) Accepted Sterrha participata Sterrha participata