A taxonomic and faunistic study of the Cossidae of southwestern Africa (Lepidoptera: Cossoidea).

Author:Mey W.
Journal:Annals of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Azygophleps asylasiformis Mey, 2016 Accepted Azygophleps asylasiformis Azygophleps asylasiformis spec. nov.
Brachylia camparia Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia camparia Brachylia camparia spec. nov.
Brachylia contusa Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia contusa Brachylia contusa spec. nov.
Brachylia fusca Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia fusca Brachylia fusca spec. nov.
Brachylia lineata Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia lineata Brachylia lineata spec. nov.
Brachylia minor Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia minor Brachylia minor spec. nov.
Brachylia plumbata Mey, 2016 Accepted Brachylia plumbata Brachylia plumbata spec. nov.
Lichtensteiniana maritima Mey, 2016 Accepted Lichtensteiniana maritima Lichtensteiniana maritima spec. nov.
Lichtensteiniana orania Mey, 2016 Accepted Lichtensteiniana orania Lichtensteiniana orania spec. nov.
Meyoarabiella karooensis Mey, 2016 Accepted Meyoarabiella karooensis Meyoarabiella karooensis spec. nov.