African Tortricidae (Lepidoptera), chiefly from the collection of Graziano Bassi.

Author:Razowski J.
Journal:Acta zoologica cracoviensia
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Amabrana primaria (Razowski, 2015) Accepted Thylacogaster primaria Thylacogaster primaria sp. n.
Amabrana subseparata (Razowski, 2015) Accepted Endotera subseparata Endotera subseparata sp. n.
Amabrana yauonde Razowski, 2015 Misapplied Amabrana yauonde Amabrana yauonde
Amabrana yauondeae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Amabrana yauondeae Amabrana yauondeae sp. n.
Astronauta gnophera Razowski, 2015 Accepted Astronauta gnophera Astronauta gnophera sp. n.
Bactra botswanae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Bactra botswanae Bactra botswanae sp. n.
Bactra janseni Razowski, 2015 Misapplied Bactra janseni Bactra janseni Diakonoff, 1963
Bactra omoiosa Razowski, 2015 Accepted Bactra omoiosa Bactra omoiosa sp. n.
Bactra pallidior Razowski, 2015 Accepted Bactra pallidior Bactra pallidior sp. n.
Cosmopoda graziani (Razowski, 2015) Accepted Diakonoffiana graziani Diakonoffiana graziani sp. n.
Cydia marientali Razowski, 2016 Accepted Cydia marientali Cydia marientali sp. n.
Darmana mandaranae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Darmana mandaranae Darmana mandaranae sp. n.
Eccopsis pollens Razowski, 2015 Accepted Eccopsis pollens Eccopsis pollens sp. n.
Epiblema didimum Razowski, 2015 Accepted Epiblema didimum Epiblema didimum sp. n.
Epichoristodes bispina Razowski, 2015 Accepted Epichoristodes bispina Epichoristodes bispina sp. n.
Epichoristodes kangoana Razowski, 2015 Accepted Epichoristodes kangoana Epichoristodes kangoana sp. n.
Eugnosta umtamvuna Razowski, 2015 Accepted Eugnosta umtamvuna Eugnosta umtamvuna sp. n.
Eugnosta umtawuna Razowski, 2015 Misapplied Eugnosta umtawuna Eugnosta umtawuna sp. n.
Fulcrifera boavistae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Fulcrifera boavistae Fulcrifera boavistae sp. n.
Fulcrifera incrassa Razowski, 2015 Accepted Fulcrifera incrassa Fulcrifera incrassa sp. n.
Fulcrifera namutomi Razowski, 2015 Accepted Fulcrifera namutomi Fulcrifera namutomi sp. n.
Gibbalaria analcis (Razowski, 2015) Accepted Afroploce analcis Afroploce analcis sp. n.
Grapholita gameae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Grapholita gameae Grapholita gameae sp. n.
Grapholita sabieae Razowski, 2015 Accepted Grapholita sabieae Grapholita sabieae sp. n.
Gypsonoma brunnhimation Razowski, 2015 Accepted Gypsonoma brunnhimation Gypsonoma brunnhimation sp. n.