The scientific results of the Oman flora and fauna survey 1975. Lepidoptera: Part I Families Cossidae, Pyralidae, Geometridae, Sphingidae, Arctiidae, Lymantriidae and Noctuidae. Part II A list of further Lepidoptera-Heterocera from Oman. Part III Pyral...

Author:Wiltshire E. P.
Journal:Journal of Oman Studies
Volume:Special Rep. 1
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Ammetopa ioptera (Wiltshire, 1977) Accepted Metopoceras ioptera Metopoceras ioptera sp. n.
Autophila luxuriosa hormuza Wiltshire, 1977 Accepted Autophila luxuriosa hormuza Autophila luxuriosa Zerny hormuza subsp. n.
Brachyglossina rowlandi Wiltshire, 1977 Synonym Brachyglossina rowlandi Brachyglossina rowlandi sp. n.
Epharmottomena ellisoni (Wiltshire, 1977) Accepted Drasteriodes ellisoni Drasteriodes ellisoni sp. n.
Honeyania guichardi (Wiltshire, 1977) Synonym Eublemma guichardi Eublemma guichardi sp. n.
Iranada turcorum atrior Wiltshire, 1977 Accepted Iranada turcorum atrior Iranada turcorum Zerny atrior subsp. nov.
Ophiusa whitei (Wiltshire, 1977) Synonym Anua whitei Anua tirhaca Cramer f. whitei f. n.
Palaeaspilates sublutearia (Wiltshire, 1977) Accepted Anisephyra sublutearia Anisephyra sublutearia sp. n.
Scopula obsoleta Wiltshire, 1977 Misapplied Scopula obsoleta Scopula omana ab. obsoleta nov.
Scopula omana Wiltshire, 1977 Accepted Scopula omana Scopula omana sp. n.
Stenosticta sibensis Wiltshire, 1977 Accepted Stenosticta sibensis Stenosticta sibensis sp. n.