Zoological collections from Northern Rhodesia and adjacent territories: Lepidoptera Phalaenae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:388–510, pls 36–41
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia tenuifasciata Hampson, 1910 Accepted Acantharctia tenuifasciata Acantharctia tenuifasciata, sp. n.
Acanthovalva cinerescens (Hampson, 1910) Misapplied Tephrina cinerescens Tephrina cinerescens Butl.
Achaea albitermia (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ophiusa albitermia Ophiusa albitermia, sp. n.
Achaea xanthoptera (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ophiusa xanthoptera Ophiusa xanthoptera, sp. n.
Acontiola chryseiplaga (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba chryseiplaga Ozarba chryseiplaga, sp. n.
Acontiola hemichrysea (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba hemichrysea Ozarba hemichrysea, sp. n.
Acontiola subterminalis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba subterminalis Ozarba subterminalis, sp. n.
Aconzarba hemimelaena (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Ozarba hemimelaena Ozarba hemimelaena, n. n.
Aegocera geometrica Hampson, 1910 Accepted Aegocera geometrica Aegocera geometrica, sp. n.
Afraltha chionostola (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Altha chionostola Altha chionostola, sp. n.
Afroclanis neavi (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Polyptychus neavi Polyptychus neavi, sp. n.
Afromiresa ustitermina (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Miresa ustitermina Miresa ustitermina, sp. n.
Agoma ovifera (Hampson, 1910) Synonym Tuerta ovifera Tuerta ovifera, sp. n.
Aiteta thermistis (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Carea thermistis Carea thermistis, sp. n.
Amata croceizona (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Syntomis croceizona Syntomis croceizona, sp. n.
Amata hemiphoenica (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Syntomis hemiphoenica Syntomis hemiphoenica, sp. n.
Amata miozona (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Syntomis miozona Syntomis miozona, sp. n.
Amyna ruptirena Hampson, 1910 Accepted Amyna ruptirena Amyna ruptirena, sp. n.
Analetia polyrhabda (Hampson, 1910) Misapplied Cirphis polyrhabda Cirphis polyrhabda Hmpsn.
Ancylolomia endophaealis Hampson, 1910 Accepted Ancylolomia endophaealis Ancylolomia endophaealis, sp. n.
Ancylolomia pectinifera Hampson, 1910 Accepted Ancylolomia pectinifera Ancylolomia pectinifera, sp. n.
Anomis bidentata (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Cosmophila bidentata Cosmophila bidentata, sp. n.
Arcyophora endoglauca (Hampson, 1910) Accepted Metaculasta endoglauca Metaculasta endoglauca, sp. n.
Arniocera chalcopasta Hampson, 1910 Accepted Arniocera chalcopasta Arniocera chalcopasta, sp. n.
Aroa achrodisca Hampson, 1910 Accepted Aroa achrodisca Aroa achrodisca, sp. n.