Some new African and Indo-Australian Lymantriidae in the collection recently presented by Mr. James J. Joicey to the British Museum.

Author:Collenette C. L.
Journal:Transactions of the entomological Society of London
Pagination:67–86, pls 6–7
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Alina chloebapha (Collenette, 1930) Synonym Dasychira chloebapha Dasychira chloebapha, sp. n.
Aroa pampoecila Collenette, 1930 Accepted Aroa pampoecila Aroa pampoecila, sp. n.
Dasychira thysanogramma Collenette, 1930 Accepted Dasychira thysanogramma Dasychira thysanogramma, sp. n.
Fodinoidea rectifascia Collenette, 1930 Accepted Fodinoidea rectifascia Fodinoidea rectifascia, sp. n.
Laelia corallina Collenette, 1930 Synonym Laelia corallina Laelia corallina, sp. n.
Lymantria leucerythra Collenette, 1930 Accepted Lymantria leucerythra Lymantria leucerythra, sp. n.
Palasea dictyodigma (Collenette, 1930) Accepted Lymantria dictyodigma Lymantria dictyodigma, sp. n.
Paraxena drepanoides Collenette, 1930 Accepted Paraxena drepanoides Paraxena drepanoides, sp. n.
Stracena barnsi (Collenette, 1930) Accepted Sapelia barnsi Sapelia barnsi, sp. nov.