Notes on a collection of Heterocera made by Mr. W. Feather in British East Africa, 1911–13.

Author:Fawcett J. M.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:233–250, pl. 1
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Amata polyxo (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Syntomis polyxo Syntomis polyxo, sp. n.
Ancylolomia chrysolinealis Fawcett, 1918 Synonym Ancylolomia chrysolinealis Ancylolomia chrysolinealis, sp. n.
Ancylolomia gracilis gracilis Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Ancylolomia gracilis gracilis Ancylolomia gracilis, sp. n.
Ancylolomia gracilis Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Ancylolomia gracilis Ancylolomia gracilis, sp. n.
Centrochria metis (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Heterocrita metis Heterocrita metis, sp. n.
Crionica cervicornis (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Pteronycta cervicornis Pteronycta cervicornis, sp. n.
Deltote icarus (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Brevipecten icarus Brevipecten icarus, sp. n.
Eucladodes oeneus (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Cladocerotis oeneus Cladocerotis oeneus, sp. n.
Euproctis rubricosta Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Euproctis rubricosta Euproctis rubricosta, sp. n.
Giaura arethusa Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Giaura arethusa Giaura arethusa, sp. n.
Ischnarctia aganice (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Bithra aganice Bithra aganice, sp. n.
Laelia aurelia (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Heteronygmia aurelia Heteronygmia aurelia, sp. n.
Leucovis lepta (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Hylemera lepta Hylemera lepta, sp. n.
Nemea bryaxis (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Rhodoneura bryaxis Rhodoneura bryaxis, sp. n.
Neuranethes avitta (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Odontestra avitta Odontestra avitta, sp. n.
Niphadolepis albula (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Lacipa albula Lacipa albula, sp. n.
Oedebasis lysis (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Parastichtis lysis Parastichtis lysis, sp. n.
Oedebasis oxylus (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Parastichtis oxylus Parastichtis oxylus, sp. n.
Phorma chloris (Fawcett, 1918) Synonym Thosea chloris Thosea chloris, sp. n.
Rhodesana mintha Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Rhodesana mintha Rhodesana mintha, sp. n.
Siccyna thisbe (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Cynisca thisbe Cynisca thisbe, sp. n.
Surattha rufistrigalis Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Surattha rufistrigalis Surattha rufistrigalis, sp. n.
Thiacidas fasciata (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Pteronycta fasciata Pteronycta fasciata Hampson
Thosea undosa Fawcett, 1918 Accepted Thosea undosa Thosea undosa, sp. n.
Thoseidea perseis (Fawcett, 1918) Accepted Thosea perseis Thosea perseis, sp. n.