A revision of the West African Eilemic moths, based on the male genitalia (Lep., Arctidae [sic], Lithosinae [sic]; incl. gena. Crocosia, Eilema, Lithosia, Pelosia, Phryganopsis a.o.).

Author:Birket-Smith J.
Publisher:Haile Sellassie I University. Papers from the Faculty of Sciences series C (Zoology) Nr. 1
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Archilema acrosis (Birket-Smith, 1965) Misapplied Eilema acrosis acrosis HMPS., Ilema, syn. nov.
Archilema vilis Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Archilema vilis Archilema vilis n. sp.
Archithosia duplicata Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Archithosia duplicata Archithosia duplicata n. sp.
Archithosia similis Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Archithosia similis Archithosia similis n. sp.
Archithosia sordida Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Archithosia sordida Archithosia (Architesma) sordida n. sp.
Arctiananna ceratopygia (Birket-Smith, 1965) Accepted Nanna ceratopygia Nanna ceratopygia n. sp.
Arctiananna eningae montana (Birket-Smith, 1965) Synonym Nanna eningae montana Nanna montana n. sp.
Arctiananna magna (Birket-Smith, 1965) Synonym Nanna magna Nanna magna n. sp.
Asythosia velutina Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Asythosia velutina Asythosia velutina n. sp.
Brunia simplex (Birket-Smith, 1965) Accepted Ovenna simplex Ovenna simplex n. sp.
Pusiola aureola Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Pusiola aureola Pusiola aureola n. sp.
Stenilema hailesellassie (Birket-Smith, 1965) Misapplied Ovenna hailesellassie Ovenna hailesellassie n. sp.
Stenilema hailesellassiei (Birket-Smith, 1965) Accepted Ovenna hailesellassiei Ovenna hailesellassiei n. sp.
Yelva obscura Birket-Smith, 1965 Accepted Yelva obscura Yelva obscura n. sp.