Descriptions of new genera and species of Syntomidae, Arctiadae, Agaristidae, and Noctuidae.

Author:Hampson G. F.
Journal:Annals and Magazine of Natural History
Volume:(7) 19
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia atriramosa Hampson, 1907 Accepted Acantharctia atriramosa Acantharctia ramosa, sp. n.
Acantharctia latifusca (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Aglossosia latifusca Aglossosia latifusca, sp. n.
Aglossosia albescens (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Caripodia albescens Caripodia albescens, sp. n.
Amata cholmlei (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Syntomis cholmlei Syntomis Cholmlei, sp. n.
Amata lagosensis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Syntomis lagosensis Syntomis lagosensis, sp. n.
Amata phaeobasis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Syntomis phaeobasis Syntomis phaeobasis, sp. n.
Amazonides elaeopis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Agrotis elaeopis Agrotis elaeopis, sp. n.
Anapisa metarctiodes (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Apisa metarctiodes Apisa metarctiodes, sp. n.
Axylia rhodopea (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Epipsilia rhodopea Episilia [sic] rhodopea, sp. n.
Dubatolovia atrivena (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Rhodogastria atrivena Rhodogastria atrivena, sp. n.
Estigmene atrifascia (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Antarctia atrifascia Antarctia atrifascia, sp. n.
Estigmene flaviceps Hampson, 1907 Accepted Estigmene flaviceps Estigmene flaviceps, sp. n.
Estigmene neuriastis Hampson, 1907 Accepted Estigmene neuriastis Estigmene neuriastis, sp. n.
Heliothis flavigera (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Chloridea flavigera Chloridea flavigera, sp. n.
Heraclia minchini (Hampson, 1907) Synonym Xanthospilopteryx minchini Xanthospilopteryx minchini, sp. n.
Hermonassoides leucoplaga (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Lycophotia leucoplaga Lycophotia leucoplaga, sp. n.
Leucania clavifera (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Cirphis clavifera Cirphis clavifera, sp. n.
Leucania fissifascia (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Borolia fissifascia Borolia fissifascia, sp. n.
Meganola argyrolepis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Nola argyrolepis Nola argyrolepis, sp. n.
Meganola argyrolepis argyrolepis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Nola argyrolepis argyrolepis Nola argyrolepis, sp. n.
Meganola leucalea (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Nola leucalea Nola leucalea, sp. n.
Meganola ochrographa (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Nola ochrographa Nola ochrographa, sp. n.
Meganola poliotis (Hampson, 1907) Accepted Nola poliotis Nola poliotis, sp. n.
Metarctia flaviciliata Hampson, 1907 Accepted Metarctia flaviciliata Metarctia flaviciliata, sp. n.
Metarctia pulverea Hampson, 1907 Accepted Metarctia pulverea Metarctia pulverea, sp. n.