List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXXIII.– Supplement Part 3.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 707–1120
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantholipes trajecta (Walker, 1865) Accepted Euclidia trajecta Euclidia trajecta
Achaea indeterminata (Walker, 1865) Accepted Ophisma indeterminata Ophisma indeterminata
Achaea intercisa Walker, 1865 Accepted Achaea intercisa Achaea intercisa
Achaea lunulifera (Walker, 1865) Accepted Ophisma lunulifera Ophisma lunulifera
Achaea sordida (Walker, 1865) Synonym Ophisma sordida Ophisma sordida
Acontia catenula (Walker, 1865) Accepted Euphasia catenula Euphasia catenula
Acontia liturifera Walker, 1865 Synonym Acontia liturifera Acontia liturifera
Acontia upsilon (Walker, 1865) Accepted Calophasia upsilon Calophasia upsilon
Acontiola densa (Walker, 1865) Accepted Panemeria densa Panemeria densa
Acontiola varia (Walker, 1865) Accepted Panemeria varia Panemeria varia
Aconzarba decissima (Walker, 1865) Accepted Microphysa decissima Microphysa decissima
Aconzarba decissima decissima (Walker, 1865) Accepted Microphysa decissima decissima Microphysa decissima
Amyna latipennis (Walker, 1865) Misapplied Hadena latipennis Hadena latipennis
Anoba disjuncta (Walker, 1865) Accepted Mocis disjuncta Mocis disjuncta
Anoba serpentina (Walker, 1865) Synonym Baxagha serpentina Baxagha serpentina
Anomis colligata (Walker, 1865) Synonym Tiridata colligata Tiridata colligata
Anomis cuprina Walker, 1865 Synonym Anomis cuprina Anomis cuprina
Anomis simulatrix (Walker, 1865) Accepted Deremma simulatrix Deremma simulatrix
Arcyophora apicalis (Walker, 1865) Synonym Calpe apicalis Calpe ? apicalis
Argyrogramma diminuta (Walker, 1865) Synonym Plusia diminuta Plusia diminuta
Ariathisa atrosignata Walker, 1865 Synonym Ariathisa atrosignata Ariathisa atrosignata
Athyrma anguliplaga Walker, 1865 Accepted Athyrma anguliplaga Athyrma anguliplaga
Audea melaleuca Walker, 1865 Accepted Audea melaleuca Audea melaleuca
Blenina chrysochlora (Walker, 1865) Accepted Eliocroea chrysochlora Eliocroea chrysochlora
Calesia zambesita Walker, 1865 Accepted Calesia zambesita Calesia Zambesita