List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XXVIII.– Tortricites & Tineites.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 287–561
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Achroia anticella (Walker, 1863) Synonym Tinea anticella Tinea anticella
Adela electella (Walker, 1863) Accepted Micropterix electella Micropteryx [sic] ? electella
Adoxophyes privatana (Walker, 1863) Accepted Dichelia privatana Dichelia privatana
Angustalius concinellus (Walker, 1863) Synonym Crambus concinellus Crambus concinellus
Capua pusillana (Walker, 1863) Accepted Tortrix pusillana Tortrix pusillana
Ceratophaga lucidella (Walker, 1863) Synonym Tinea lucidella Tinea lucidella
Ceromitia albicornis (Walker, 1863) Synonym Adela albicornis Adela albicornis
Ceromitia turpisella (Walker, 1863) Accepted Nemophora turpisella Nemophora turpisella
Chrysocentris ditiorana (Walker, 1863) Accepted Sciaphila ditiorana Sciaphila ? ditiorana
Cimitra horridella (Walker, 1863) Accepted Tinea horridella Tinea horridella
Compsoctena connexalis (Walker, 1863) Accepted Tissa connexalis Tissa ? connexalis
Compsoctena inquinatalis (Walker, 1863) Synonym Tissa inquinatalis Tissa inquinatalis
Compsoctena ursulella (Walker, 1863) Accepted Alavona ursulella Alavona ? ursulella
Crypsithyrodes concolorella (Walker, 1863) Accepted Tinea concolorella Tinea concolorella
Drepanogynis inapplicata (Walker, 1863) Synonym Hyperetis inapplicata Hyperetis ? inapplicata
Drepanogynis inflectaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Ellopia inflectaria Ellopia inflectaria
Drepanogynis tardaria (Walker, 1863) Synonym Aspilates tardaria Aspilates ? tardaria
Drosica abjectella Walker, 1863 Accepted Drosica abjectella Drosica abjectella
Earias chromataria Walker, 1863 Synonym Earias chromataria Earias ? chromataria
Eccopsis incultana (Walker, 1863) Accepted Batodes incultana Batodes incultana
Ephysteris despectella (Walker, 1863) Synonym Tinea despectella Tinea despectella
Epichoristodes meridionana (Walker, 1863) Accepted Teras meridionana Teras meridionana
Ethmia circumdatellus (Walker, 1863) Accepted Yponomeuta circumdatellus Hyponomeuta circumdatellus
Etiella albicostalis (Walker, 1863) Synonym Assara albicostalis Assara albicostalis
Giaura repletana Walker, 1863 Accepted Giaura repletana Giaura repletana