List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part IV.– Lepidoptera Heterocera.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 777–976
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Amsacta marginalis Walker, 1855 Accepted Amsacta marginalis Amsacta marginalis
Anaphe reticulata Walker, 1855 Accepted Anaphe reticulata Anaphe reticulata
Apisa canescens Walker, 1855 Accepted Apisa canescens Apisa canescens
Aroa discalis Walker, 1855 Accepted Aroa discalis Aroa discalis
Beralade perobliqua perobliqua Walker, 1855 Accepted Beralade perobliqua perobliqua Beralade perobliqua
Beralade perobliqua Walker, 1855 Accepted Beralade perobliqua Beralade perobliqua
Cimola opalina Walker, 1855 Accepted Cimola opalina Cimola opalina
Cropera testacea Walker, 1855 Accepted Cropera testacea Cropera testacea
Cropera testacea testacea Walker, 1855 Accepted Cropera testacea testacea Cropera testacea
Crorema mentiens Walker, 1855 Accepted Crorema mentiens Crorema mentiens
Dasychira lineata (Walker, 1855) Accepted Lymantria lineata Lymantria lineata
Dasychira robusta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Acyphas robusta Acyphas robusta
Dasychira subflava (Walker, 1855) Accepted Anaxila subflava Anaxila subflava
Euproctis fasciata (Walker, 1855) Accepted Dulichia fasciata Dulichia fasciata
Euproctis plagiata (Walker, 1855) Accepted Anaxila plagiata Anaxila plagiata
Euproctis punctifera (Walker, 1855) Accepted Aroa punctifera Aroa punctifera
Euproctis pygmaea (Walker, 1855) Accepted Aroa pygmaea Aroa pygmaea
Euproctis squamosa (Walker, 1855) Synonym Lopera squamosa Lopera squamosa
Euproctis terminalis (Walker, 1855) Accepted Aroa terminalis Aroa terminalis
Euproctis varians (Walker, 1855) Accepted Artaxa varians Artaxa varians
Euproctis virguncula Walker, 1855 Accepted Euproctis virguncula Euproctis virguncula
Gonometa postica Walker, 1855 Accepted Gonometa postica Gonometa postica
Gracilanja gracilis (Walker, 1855) Accepted Jana gracilis Jana gracilis
Laelia fusca (Walker, 1855) Accepted Anthora fusca Anthora fusca
Laelia subrosea (Walker, 1855) Accepted Anthora subrosea Anthora subrosea