On a collection of Lepidoptera made in British East Africa by Mr. C. S. Betton.

Author:Butler A. G.
Journal:Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
Pagination:395–444, pls 32–33
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Acantharctia bivittata (Butler, 1898) Accepted Aloa bivittata Aloa bivittata, sp. n.
Acontia porphyrea (Butler, 1898) Accepted Tarache porphyrea Tarache porphyrea, sp. n.
Arcyophora dives (Butler, 1898) Accepted Metaculasta dives Metaculasta dives, sp. n.
Arniocera chrysosticta Butler, 1898 Synonym Arniocera chrysosticta Arniocera chrysosticta, sp. n.
Arniocera ericata Butler, 1898 Accepted Arniocera ericata Arniocera ericata, sp. n.
Arniocera imperialis Butler, 1898 Accepted Arniocera imperialis Arniocera imperialis, sp. n.
Campimoptilum hollandi (Butler, 1898) Synonym Goodia hollandi Goodia hollandi, sp. n.
Chelecala trefoliata (Butler, 1898) Accepted Gnamptonyx trefoliata Gnamptonyx trefoliata, sp. n.
Coenina aurivena Butler, 1898 Accepted Coenina aurivena Coenina aurivena, sp. n.
Halseyia bisecta (Butler, 1898) Accepted Paryphanta bisecta Paryphanta bisecta, sp. n.
Lacipa impuncta Butler, 1898 Accepted Lacipa impuncta Lacipa impuncta, sp. n.
Lembopteris puella Butler, 1898 Accepted Lembopteris puella Lembopteris puella, sp. n.
Loryma varians (Butler, 1898) Accepted Zitha varians Zitha varians, sp. n.
Niphadolepis auricincta Butler, 1898 Accepted Niphadolepis auricincta Niphadolepis auricincta, sp. n.
Ochrota ferruginea (Butler, 1898) Synonym Bettonia ferruginea Bettonia ferruginea, sp. n.
Ozarba limbata (Butler, 1898) Accepted Raparna limbata Raparna limbata, sp. n.
Palpita stenocraspis (Butler, 1898) Accepted Glyphodes stenocraspis Glyphodes stenocraspis, sp. n.
Paralacydes gracilis (Butler, 1898) Synonym Lacydes gracilis Lacydes gracilis, sp. n.
Pteredoa monosticta (Butler, 1898) Accepted Lopera monosticta Lopera monosticta, sp. n.
Rhodophthitus rudicornis (Butler, 1898) Accepted Hameopis rudicornis Hameopis rudicornis, sp. n.
Rhypopteryx flavinotata (Butler, 1898) Accepted Aclonophlebia flavinotata Aclonophlebia flavinotata, sp. n.
Salagena albonotata (Butler, 1898) Accepted Arbela albonotata Arbela albonotata, sp. n.
Simesia dasychiroides (Butler, 1898) Accepted Hoplitis dasychiroides Hoplitis dasychiroides, sp. n.
Trotonotus bettoni Butler, 1898 Accepted Trotonotus bettoni Trotonotus bettoni, sp. n.
Typhonia bettoni (Butler, 1898) Accepted Microcossus bettoni Microcossus bettoni, sp. n.