List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XVI.– Deltoides.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Volume:16 (1858)
Pagination:i–iv, 1–253
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Amyna cephusalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Ilattia cephusalis Ilattia Cephusalis
Amyna natalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Berresa natalis Berresa natalis
Bocana linusalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Bocana linusalis Bocana Linusalis
Bocana manifestalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Bocana manifestalis Bocana manifestalis
Brithodes bathisalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Hypena bathisalis Hypena Bathisalis
Caryonopera cachrusalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Elyra cachrusalis Elyra ? Cachrualis
Caryonopera moenasalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Bleptina moenasalis Bleptina ? Moenasalis
Gesonia obeditalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Gesonia obeditalis Gesonia obeditalis
Gesonia pansalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Dragana pansalis Dragana pansalis
Gesonia secundalis Walker, 1859 Synonym Gesonia secundalis Gesonia secundalis
Hipoepa raptatalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Bertula raptatalis Bertula raptatalis
Hydrillodes cleobisalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Gizama cleobisalis Gizama Cleobisalis
Hydrillodes hemusalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Bocana hemusalis Bocana Hemusalis
Hydrillodes metisalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Bocana metisalis Bocana metisalis
Hydrillodes momusalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Bocana momusalis Bocana Momusalis
Hydrillodes thelephusalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Olybama thelephusalis Olybama Thelephusalis
Hypena abjuralis Walker, 1859 Synonym Hypena abjuralis Hypena abjuralis
Hypena ignotalis Walker, 1859 Synonym Hypena ignotalis Hypena ignotalis
Hypena indicatalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Hypena indicatalis Hypena indicatalis
Hypena jussalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Hypena jussalis Hypena jussalis
Hypena laceratalis Walker, 1859 Synonym Hypena laceratalis Hypena laceratalis
Hypena laetalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Hypena laetalis Hypena laetalis
Hypena obacerralis Walker, 1859 Synonym Hypena obacerralis Hypena obacerralis
Hypena palpitralis Walker, 1859 Accepted Hypena palpitralis Hypena palpitralis
Macella euritiusalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Macella euritiusalis Macella Euritiusalis