List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part III.– Lepidoptera Heterocera.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 583–775
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Afraloa bifurca (Walker, 1855) Accepted Aloa bifurca Aloa bifurca
Afromurzinia lutescens (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma lutescens Spilosoma lutescens
Afrowatsonius marginalis (Walker, 1855) Accepted Aloa marginalis Aloa marginalis
Alpenus aequalis Walker, 1855 Synonym Alpenus aequalis Alpenus aequalis
Alpenus indeterminata (Walker, 1855) Synonym Ecpantheria indeterminata Ecpantheria indeterminata
Amerila bubo (Walker, 1855) Accepted Canopus bubo Canopus bubo
Amerila rufifemur (Walker, 1855) Accepted Canopus rufifemur Canopus rufifemur
Anaphe luctifera (Walker, 1855) Synonym Anaphela luctifera Anaphela luctifera
Antheua cinerea Walker, 1855 Accepted Antheua cinerea Antheua cinerea
Antheua simplex Walker, 1855 Accepted Antheua simplex Antheua simplex
Antheua tricolor Walker, 1855 Accepted Antheua tricolor Antheua tricolor
Antheua varia Walker, 1855 Synonym Antheua varia Antheua varia
Asparus bicolor (Walker, 1855) Accepted Sarapus bicolor Sarapus bicolor
Casama innotata (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma innotata Spilosoma innotata
Catarctia divisa (Walker, 1855) Misapplied Arctia divisa Arctia ? divisa
Creatonotos punctivitta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma punctivitta Spilosoma punctivitta
Diaphone sylvina (Walker, 1855) Misapplied Ovios sylvina Ovios Sylvina
Estigmene trivitta (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma trivitta Spilosoma trivitta
Eyralpenus testacea (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma testacea Spilosoma testacea
Laelia angustipennis (Walker, 1855) Accepted Antheua angustipennis Antheua angustipennis
Metarctia rufescens Walker, 1855 Accepted Metarctia rufescens Metarctia rufescens
Pareuchaetes insulata (Walker, 1855) Accepted Halysidota insulata Halysidota insulata
Polymona rufifemur rufifemur Walker, 1855 Accepted Polymona rufifemur rufifemur Polymona rufifemur
Polymona rufifemur Walker, 1855 Accepted Polymona rufifemur Polymona rufifemur
Popoudina dorsalis (Walker, 1855) Accepted Spilosoma dorsalis Spilosoma dorsalis