List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part XVII.– Pyralides.

Author:Walker F.
Publisher:The Trustees of the British Museum (N. H.), London.
Pagination:i–iv, 256–508
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Aethaloessa merionealis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Syngamia merionealis Syngamia Merionealis
Aethaloessa octavialis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Syngamia octavialis Syngamia Octavialis
Aethaloessa tiphalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Syngamia tiphalis Syngamia Tiphalis
Agassiziella irisalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Cataclysta irisalis Cataclysta Irisalis
Aporodes meleagrisalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Herbula meleagrisalis Herbula Meleagrisalis
Aulacodes peribocalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Cataclysta peribocalis Cataclysta Peribocalis
Chalcidoptera alimenalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Hymenia alimenalis Hymenia Alimenalis
Diasemiopsis melaleucalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Isopteryx melaleucalis Isopteryx melaleucalis
Dysallacta negatalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Glyphodes negatalis Phalangiodes ? negatalis
Elophila obliteralis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Isopteryx obliteralis Isopteryx ? obliteralis
Endotricha decessalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Endotricha decessalis Endotricha decessalis
Endotricha mesenterialis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Doththa mesenterialis Doththa mesenterialis
Endotricha suffusalis Walker, 1859 Synonym Endotricha suffusalis Endotricha suffusalis
Eurrhyparodes abnegatalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Isopteryx abnegatalis Isopteryx ? abnegatalis
Eurrhyparodes accessalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Isopteryx accessalis Isopteryx accessalis
Glyphodes actorionalis Walker, 1859 Accepted Glyphodes actorionalis Glyphodes Actorionalis
Haritalodes salomealis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Zebronia salomealis Zebronia Salomealis
Hypotia bolinalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Pyralis bolinalis Pyralis ? bolinalis
Hypsopygia lucillalis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Pyralis lucillalis Pyralis Lucillalis
Ischnurges gratiosalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Samea gratiosalis Samea gratiosalis
Leucinodes idmonealis (Walker, 1859) Synonym Daraba idmonealis Daraba Idmonealis
Leucinodes laisalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Megaphysa laisalis Megaphysa ? Laisalis
Loryma athalialis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Cynaeda athalialis Cynoeda [sic] ? Althalialis
Mabra eryxalis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Asopia eryxalis Asopia Eryxalis
Maradana harpyialis (Walker, 1859) Accepted Aglossa harpyialis Aglossa Harpyialis