Revised catalogue of the African Sphingidae (Lepidoptera) with descriptions of the East African species.

Author:Carcasson R. H.
Journal:Journal of the East Africa Natural History and National Museum
Pagination:1–148, pls 1–17
Species Status Original Combination Citation
Chaerocina meridionalis Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Chaerocina meridionalis Chaerocina dohertyi R. & J. 1903. Ssp. meridionalis nov.
Chloroclanis virescens tanzanica Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Chloroclanis virescens tanzanica Chloroclanis virescens (Butler) 1882. Ssp. tanzanica nov.
Falcatula tamsi Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Falcatula tamsi Falcatula tamsi sp. nov.
Hippotion griveaudi Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Hippotion griveaudi Hippotion griveaudi nom. nov.
Hippotion rosae guichardi Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Hippotion rosae guichardi Hippotion rosae (Butler) 1882. Ssp. guichardi nov.
Lophostethus demolini Carcasson, 1968 Misapplied Lophostethus demolini Lophostethus demolini (Angas) 1849
Neopolyptychus compar septentrionalis Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Neopolyptychus compar septentrionalis Neopolyptychus prionites (R. & J.) 1916 Ssp. septentrionalis, nov.
Phylloxiphia oweni (Carcasson, 1968) Accepted Libyoclanis oweni Libyoclanis oweni sp. nov.
Poliana witgensi Carcasson, 1968 Misapplied Poliana witgensi Poliana witgensi (Strand) 1910
Polyptychus andosa amaniensis Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Polyptychus andosa amaniensis Polyptychus andosus (Walker) 1856 Ssp. amaniensis nov.
Polyptychus cothina (Carcasson, 1968) Misapplied Acanthosphinx cothina Acanthosphinx guessfeldti cothina Tams
Polyptychus rougeoti Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Polyptychus rougeoti Polyptychus rougeoti sp. nov.
Rufoclanis maccleeryi Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Rufoclanis maccleeryi Rufoclanis maccleeryi sp. nov.
Temnora burdoni Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Temnora burdoni Temnora burdoni sp. nov.
Temnora robertsoni Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Temnora robertsoni Temnora robertsoni sp. nov.
Temnora scheveni Carcasson, 1968 Accepted Temnora scheveni Temnora scheveni sp. nov.