Neopolyptychus commodus (Jordan, 1930)


FAMILY Sphingidae
SUBFAMILY Smerinthinae
GENUS Neopolyptychus
SPECIES commodus
AUTHOR(Jordan, 1930)
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONPolyptychus serrator commodus subsp. nov.
TYPE LOCALITY[Uganda], Victoria Nyanza, Sesse Islands, Lutoboka Bugalla, larva at forest edge, pupated, 02.i.1913, e.l. 20.i.1913, leg. G. D. H. Carpenter.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Holotype ♂, type no LEP 23, OUMNH; Neallotype ♀, designated by Carcasson (1968: 19), BMNH.
STATUS Synonym of species
COMMENTA junior subjective synonym of Dewitzia pygarga Karsch, 1891; synonymized by K. Kernbach (1957: 191). Had been raised to species status by J. Pierre (2001: 163) and later synonymized with Dewitzia pygarga by J. Pierre (2004: 166).
PUBLICATION Jordan K. 1930. Description of new Sphingidae and remarks on some others. - Novitates Zoologicae 36(1):1-5.
PAGINATION 1, figs 1, 2

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