Euproutia aggravaria rhodosticta (Hampson, 1910)


FAMILY Geometridae
SUBFAMILY Geometrinae
GENUS Euproutia
SPECIES aggravaria
SUBSPECIES rhodosticta
AUTHOR(Hampson, 1910)
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONComibaena rhodosticta, sp. n.
TYPE LOCALITY[Zambia], NE Rhodesia, E Luangwa District, leg. S. A. Neave.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Syntypes 3♂, 4♀, BMNH.
STATUS Synonym of subspecies
SYNONYM OFaggravaria
PUBLICATION Hampson G. F. 1910c. Zoological collections from Northern Rhodesia and adjacent territories: Lepidoptera Phalaenae. - Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London 1910(2):388-510, pls 36-41.
PAGINATION 475-476; pl. 39, fig. 30 Bhl