Rougeotia praetexta (Townsend, 1956)

FAMILY Noctuidae
GENUS Rougeotia
SPECIES praetexta
AUTHOR(Townsend, 1956)
ORIGINAL COMBINATIONLeucania praetexta n. sp.
TYPE LOCALITYKenya, Nakuru, vii.1947, leg. A. L. H. Townsend.
TYPE SPECIMEN(S) Holotype ♂, BMNH; Paratypes 4♂, BMNH, Coryndon Museum, Nairobi.
STATUS Species
PUBLICATION Townsend, A. L. H. 1956. A new moth from East Africa. Leucania praetexta n. sp. (Family Agrotidae). - Occasional papers of the Coryndon Memorial Museum 4(1955):42–43, pl. 4.
PAGINATION 42–43; pl. 4

Species Distribution

Kenya   Townsend, A. L. H. 1956. A new species of African plume moths. - Occasional Papers of the natural history museum in South Rhodesia 3(21B):93–94.

Host Plants