Types per museum

Select a museum acronym in the list below:

Abbreviation Name City Country
ABSRC AgroBioSys International Reference Collection Wetteren Belgium
AMCE Agricultural Museum Cairo Egypt
AMNH American Museum of Natural History New York United States, US
AMRU Albany Museum, Rhodes University Grahamstown South Africa
AMUP Adam Mickiewicz University Poznań Poland
ANHRT African Natural History Research Trust Leominster United Kingdom
ANIC Australian National Insect Collection Canberra Australia
ANSP Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia United States, US
BMNH London United Kingdom
BNHM Berkeley Natural History Museum Berkeley United States, US
BPBM Bernice P. Bishop Museum Honolulu United States, US
CAS California Academy of Sciences San Francisco United States, US
CBG Centre for Biodiversity Genomics, University of Guelph Guelph Canada
CDRS Charles Darwin Research Station, Galapagos Puerto Ayora Ecuador
CEITEC Central European Institute of Technology, Mendel University Brno Czech Republic
CIS California Insect Survey Berkeley United States, US
CMCZ Cambridge Museum of Comparative Zoology Cambridge United States, US
CMNH Carnegie Museum of Natural History Pittsburg United States, US
CNC Canadian National Collection of Insects Ottawa Canada
COGM A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution Moscow Russian Federation
COPR Centre of Overseas Pest Research London United Kingdom
CRDS Collection Royal Dublin Society Dublin Ireland
CSCA California State Collection of Arthropods Sacramento United States, US
CUIC Cornell University Ithaca United States, US
CUMZ Cambridge University, Zoological Museum Cambridge United Kingdom
DAEF Deptartment of Agriculture, University of Molise Campobasso Italy
DEIB Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Berlin Eberswalde Germany
DEUS Department of Entomology, Univ. of Stellenbosch Stellenbosch South Africa
DEUU Department of Entomology, University of Uppsala Uppsala Sweden
DMNS Denver Museum of Nature and Science Denver United States, US
DMSA Durban Natural Science Museum Durban South Africa
EIBH Entomologischen Institut, Graf Hartig Bozano Italy
EIHU Entomological Institute, Hokkaido University Sapporo Japan
ELKU Entomological Laboratory Kyusyu University Japan
EMAU Zoologisches Institut der Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald Austria
EMEM Entomologische Museum Eitschberger Marktleuthen Germany
EMUL Entomological Museum of the University of Lund Lund Sweden
FRIM Forest Research Institute of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
FRIZ Forest Institute of Malawi Zomba Malawi
GD Gerfried Deschka, Austria Steyr Austria
GNHM Goulandris Natural History Museum Kifisia Greece
HES Hawaii Entomological Society United States, US
HNHM Hungarian Natural History Museum Budapest Hungary
IDEA Colección Entomológica de la Universidad Tarapacá Chile
IEUT Istituto di Entomologia della Università Torino Italy
IEVU Institute of Ecology of Vilnius University Vilnius Lithuania
IFAN Institut fondamental d'Afrique noire Dakar Senegal
IICT Instituto de Investigação Cientiífica Tropical Lisboa Portugal
INBIO Santo Domingo, Costa Rica Santo Domingo Costa Rica
INER Istituto Nazionale di Entomologia Roma Rome Italy
IRSM Institut de Recherches Scientifiques à Madagascar Tananarive Madagascar
ISEA Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals Kraków Poland
IZAS Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica Beijing China
IZFR Istituto di Zoologia "Federico Raffaele" Rome Italy
KLMK Kärntener Landesmuseum Klagenfurt Austria
LACM Los Angeles County Museum Los Angeles United States, US
LEB Laboratorio di Entomologia, Bengasi Bengasi Libya
LNK Landessammlung für Naturkunde Karlsruhe Karlsruhe Germany
LSL Linnaean Society of London London United Kingdom
MACN Museo Argentino de Ciencas Naturales Buenos Aires Argentina
MAWR Ministery of Agriculture and Water Riyadh Saudi Arabia
MBL Museu Bocage Lisboa Portugal
MCSF Museum Collegio de San Fiel San Fiel Portugal
MCSG Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova Genova Italy
MCSV Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Verona Verona Italy
MCZR Museo Civico di Zoologia Roma Rome Italy
MDA Museu do Dundo Dundo Angola
MGCL McGuire Centre for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Gainesville United States, US
MHNG Muséum d'histoire naturelle Geneva Switzerland
MHNL Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Lyon Lyon France
MHNT Musée d'Histoire naturelle de Toulouse Toulouse France
MINGA Muzeul National de Istorie Naturala "G. Antippa" Bucharest Romania
MIZA Museo del Instituto de Zoologia Agricola Maracay Venezuela
MLP Museo de La Plata La Plata Argentina
MMNB Merrick Museum New Brighton United States, US
MNCN Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales Madrid Spain
MNHN Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle de Paris Paris France
MNNC Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Santiago Santiago Chile
MNUL Museum für Natur und Umwelt Lübeck Germany
MNVD Museum für Naturkunde und Vorgeschichte Dessau Dessau Germany
MNWU Museum of Natural History, Wroclaw University Wroclaw Poland
MRSN Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali Torino Italy
MSNC Museo di Storia Naturale di Calimera Calimera Italy
MSNF Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Firenze Firenze Italy
MSNM Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano Milano Italy
MSNS Museo di Storia naturale del Salento Calimera Italy
MUDH Museon Den Haag Netherlands
MUNA Museo de Naturaleza y Arqueología Santa Cruz, Tenerife Spain
MWM Museum Thomas Witt Munich Germany
MWNH Museum Wiesbaden Naturhistorische Landessammlungen Wiesbaden Germany
MZL Musée de Zoologie Lausanne Switzerland
NASU Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology Kiev Ukraine
NHMB Naturhistorisches Museum Basel Basel Switzerland
NHME Natural History Museum Addis Ababa Addis Ababa Ethiopia
NHMM Natural History Museum (Museu de Historia Natural) Maputo Mozambique
NHMO Natural History Museum, University of Oslo Oslo Norway
NHMT Natural History Museum at Tring Tring United Kingdom
NHMW Naturhistorisches Museum Wien Vienna Austria
NIBR National Institute of Biological Resources Incheon Korea, Republic of
NKUM College of Life Sciences, Nankai University Tianjin China
NMB National Museum of Natural History, Bulawayo Bulawayo Zimbabwe
NMK National Museums of Kenya Nairobi Kenya
NMNW National Museum of Namibia Windhoek Namibia
NMNZ National Museum New Zealand Wellington New Zealand
NWCAS North Western College of Agriculture, Shaanxi Yangling China
NZAC New Zealand Arthropod Collection Auckland New Zealand
ONHM Oman Natural History Museum Muscat Oman
OOLL Ober-Österreichisches Landesmuseum Linz Linz Austria
ORSTO Centre O.R.S.T.O.M. Tananarive Madagascar
OUMNH Oxford University Museum of Natural History Oxford United Kingdom
PUV Pedagogical University Vilnius Lithuania
PZBT Parc zoologique & botanique de Tsimbazaza Antananarive Madagascar
PZDW Plantenziektenkundige Dienst Wageningen Netherlands
RBINS Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences Brussels Belgium
RMBH Russian Museum of Biodiversity Hotspots Arkhangelsk Russian Federation
RMCA Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren Belgium
RMNH Naturalis Biodiversity Center Leiden Netherlands
RSME Royal Scottish Museum Edinburgh United Kingdom
SAMA South Australian Museum Adelaide Australia
SAMC Iziko South African Museum Cape Town South Africa
SANC National Collection of Insects Pretoria South Africa
SCAC South China Agricultural College Wushan China
SCDP Socotra Archipelago Conservation & Development Programme Hadibo, Socotra Yemen
SCDPM SCDP Museum, Hadibo Socotra Yemen
SDEI Senckenberg, Deutsches Entomologisches Institut Müncheberg Germany
SEHU Systematic Entomology Hokkaido University Sapporo Japan
SMCR Sphingidae Museum Orlov / Czech Republic Pribram Czech Republic
SMNH Steinhardt Museum of Natural History Tel Aviv Israel
SMNS Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart Germany
SMTD Staatliches Museum für Tierkunde Dresden Germany
SNHM Swedish Natural History Museum Stockholm Sweden
SNMF Senckenberg Naturmuseum Frankfurt-am-Main Germany
SSUR Saratov State University Saratov Russian Federation
SZMN Siberian Zoological Museum, Institute of Animal Systematics Novosibirsk Russian Federation
TLMF Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum Innsbruck Austria
TMSA Ditsong Museum of Natural History (Transvaal Museum) Pretoria South Africa
The Linnean Society of London The Linnean Society of London United Kingdom
The Trustees of the Natural History Museum The Natural History Museum London United Kingdom
UAEIC United Arab Emirates Invertebrate Collection United Arab Emirates
UCB University of California Berkeley United States, US
UCCC Museo de Zoología de la Universidad de Concepción Concepción Chile
UCD University of California Davis United States, US
UPLB University of Philippines Los Baños Philippines
USMB Übersee-Museum Bremen Germany
USNM United States National Museum (=Smithsonian Institution) Washington United States, US
ZFB Zentrum für Biodokumentation des Saarlandes Schiffweiler Germany
ZFMK Zoologisches Forschungsinstitut und Museum A. Koenig Bonn Germany
ZIMG Zoologische Institut und Museum, Ernst-Moritz-Arnd Greifswald Germany
ZIN Zoological Institute St. Petersburg St. Petersburg Russian Federation
ZIUL Zoological Institute of the University of Lund Lund Sweden
ZMA Zoological Museum Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
ZMH Zoologisches Museum Hamburg Hamburg Germany
ZMHB Museum für Naturkunde Berlin Germany
ZMJU Zoological Museum of the Jagiellonian University Kraków Poland
ZMKU Zoological Museum, Kiev Nat. Taras Shevchenko University Kiev Ukraine
ZMPAS Zoological Museum of the Polish Academy of Science Lomna Las, near Warsaw Poland
ZMS Zoological Museum, Salisbury (Harare) Harare Zimbabwe
ZMUC Zoological Museum of the University Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
ZMUH Zoologial Museum of the University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland
ZSM Zoologische Staatssammlung München Munich Germany
coll. A. Cipolla coll. A. Cipolla Belgium
coll. A. J. Kingston coll. A. J. Kingston United Kingdom
coll. A. Legrain coll. A. Legrain Hermalle-sous-Argenteau Belgium
coll. B. Turlin coll. B. Turlin Gabon
coll. D. Agassiz coll. D. J. L. Agassiz Weston-super-Mare United Kingdom
coll. D. Stadie coll. D. Stadie Germany
coll. E. Poirier coll. E. Poirier Gabon
coll. F. Aulombard coll. F. Aulombard France
coll. G. Baldizzone coll. G. Baldizzone Italy
coll. G. Bassi coll. G. Bassi Italy
coll. G. Behounek coll. G. Behounek Hungary
coll. H. Staude coll. H. Staude South Africa
coll. J. Conde coll. J. Conde Spain
coll. J. Wojtusiak coll. J. Wojtusiak Kraków Poland
coll. J. de Freina coll. J. de Freina Germany
coll. J.-L. Albert coll. J.-L. Albert Gabon
coll. K. Larsen coll. K. Larsen Denmark
coll. L. Kühne coll. L. Kühne Germany
coll. M. Bakheet coll. M. Bakheet Sudan
coll. M. Bippus coll. M. Bippus Réunion
coll. M. Seizmair coll. M. Seizmair Germany
coll. M. Ströhle, Weiden coll. M. Ströhle Weiden Germany
coll. M. Weiss coll. M. Weiss Germany
coll. O. Reunanen coll. O. Reunanen Finland
coll. P. Basquin coll. P. Basquin La Vallette France
coll. P. H. Haynes coll. P. H. Haynes United Kingdom
coll. P. Schmit coll. P. Schmit Gabon
coll. P. Trematerra coll. P. Trematerra Campobasso Italy
coll. P. Ustjuzhanin coll. P. Ustjuzhanin Russian Federation
coll. Ph. Darge coll. Ph. Darge France
coll. R. & S. Fiebig & D. Stadie coll. R. & S. Fiebig Germany
coll. R. Butler coll. R. Butler Harare Zimbabwe
coll. R. J. Borth coll. R. J. Borth Germany
coll. S. Naumann coll. S. Naumann Germany
coll. St. Schellhorn coll. St. Schellhorn Germany
coll. T. Baron coll. T. Baron Turkey
coll. T. Karisch coll. T. Karisch Germany
coll. V. Kravchenko coll. V. Kravchenko Russian Federation