Lacturidae Heppner, 1995

Higher taxa: Lacturidae (family)/ 
Authorship:Heppner, 1995
Citation:Lacturidae, new family
Taxon remarks:Type genus: Lactura Walker, 1854. List of lepidopterous insects in the British Museum 2: 485. By original designation.
Publication:Heppner J. B. 1995. Lacturidae, new family (Lepidoptera: Zygaenoidea).
Journal:Tropical Lepidoptera
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination Images
Amalthina Meyrick, 1914 Meyrick, 1914 genus Accepted
Anticrates Meyrick, 1905 Meyrick, 1905 genus Accepted
Coptoproctis Zeller, 1852 Zeller, 1852 genus Accepted
Eremothyris Walsingham, 1897 Walsingham, 1897 genus Synonym
Gymnogramma Zeller, 1852 Zeller, 1852 genus Accepted
Hesperarcha Meyrick, 1918 Meyrick, 1918 genus Accepted
Pyrozela Meyrick, 1906 Meyrick, 1906 genus Synonym
Utenikwa Mey, 2019 Mey, 2019 genus Accepted