Gomphocrates Meyrick, 1925

Higher taxa: Gelechiidae (family)/  Dichomeridinae (subfamily)/  Gomphocrates (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym , the accepted name is Dichomeris
Authorship:Meyrick, 1925
Citation:Gomphocrates, n. g.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Anacampsis rasilella Herrich-Schäffer, 1854. Systematische Bearbeitung der Schmetterlinge von Europa 5: 191 (key), 202. By monotypy. A junior objective synonym of Uliaria Dumont, 1921. Synonymized by Hodges (1986: 13).
Publication:Meyrick E. 1925d. On the genus Mystax and a new species of Opogona.
Journal:The Entomologist