Neonamasia Aarvik, 2014

Higher taxa: Tortricidae (family)/  Olethreutinae (subfamily)/  Enarmoniini (tribe)/  Neonamasia (genus)/ 
Authorship:Aarvik, 2014
Citation:Neonamasia Aarvik, gen. nov.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Neonamasia cryptica Aarvik, 2014. Norwegian Journal of Entomology 61: 32–34, figs 10, 13, 15. By original designation and monotypy. Transferred to Enarmoniini by L. Aarvik & D. J. L. Agassiz (2014b: 28).
Publication:Aarvik L. & Agassiz D. J. L. 2014b. Taxonomy of some African species hitherto placed in Stenentoma Diakonoff, 1969 and in Eucosmocydia Diakonoff, 1988 (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae).
Journal:Norwegian Journal of Entomology
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination Images
Neonamasia cryptica Aarvik, 2014 Aarvik, 2014 species Accepted Neonamasia cryptica