Niveocatharylla Bassi, 1999

Higher taxa: Crambidae (family)/  Crambinae (subfamily)/  UnassignedCrambinae (tribe)/  Niveocatharylla (genus)/ 
Authorship:Bassi, 1999
Citation:Niveocatharylla n. gen.
Taxon remarks:Type species: Niveocatharyll romieuxi Bassi, 1995. Bollettino del Museo regionale di Scienze naturale, Torino 16(1–2): 184, figs 36, 66, 74. By original designation.
Publication:Bassi G. 1999b. Notes on Pseudocatharylla Bleszynski, 1961 (Lepidoptera: Crambidae: Crambinae) with a description of new genera and new species.
Journal:Bollettino del Museo regionale di Scienze naturali, Torino
Scientific Name Authorship Rank Status Original Combination Images
Niveocatharylla romieuxi Bassi, 1999 Bassi, 1999 species Accepted Niveocatharylla romieuxi