Prionapterygini Landry B., 1995

Higher taxa: Crambidae (family)/  Crambinae (subfamily)/  Prionapterygini (tribe)/ 
Status:Synonym , the accepted name is Ancylolomiini
Authorship:Landry B., 1995
Citation:Prionapterygini new tribe
Taxon remarks:Type genus: Prionapteryx Stephens, 1834. By original designation. Synonymized by T. Léger, B. Landry & M. Nuss 2019: 762.
Publication:Landry B. 1995. A phylogenetic analysis of the major lineages of the Crambinae and of the genera of Crambini of North America (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae).
Journal:Memoirs on Entomology International, Gainesville