Nepita Moore, 1860

Higher taxa: Erebidae (family)/  Arctiinae (subfamily)/  Lithosiini (tribe)/  Nudariina (subtribe)/  Nepita (genus)/ 
Status:Synonym , the accepted name is Asura
Authorship:Moore, 1860
Citation:Genus Nepita, Moore
Taxon remarks:Type species: Pitane conferta Walker, 1854. List of the Specimens of Lepidopterous Insects in the Collection of the British Museum. Part II.– Lepidoptera Heterocera: 533. By subsequent designation by Hampson, 1900. Catalogue of the Lepidoptera Phalaenae of the British Museum 2: 426. The objective replacement name for Pitane Walker, 1854.
Publication:Moore F. 1858–1860. In: Horsfield, Th. & Moore, F. – A catalogue of the lepidopterous insects in the Museum of Natural History at the East-India House.