Microphysa Guenée, 1841

Higher taxa: Erebidae (family)/  Boletobiinae (subfamily)/  Eublemmini (tribe)/  Microphysa (genus)/ 
Status:Misapplied , the accepted name is Eublemma
Authorship:Guenée, 1841
Citation:Gen. 12. Microphysa (Microphisa, Bdv.)
Taxon remarks:An unjustified emendation of Microphisa Boisduval, 1840, and a junior homonym of Microphysa Westwood, 1834 [Hemiptera]. The objective replacement name is Microphisa Boisduval, 1840. Included by Poole (1989) as a junior synonym of Eublemma Hübner, 1821.
Publication:Guenée A. M. 1841b. Noctuarum Europaearum. Index methodicus, classificationis in Ann. Soc. Entom. Gallic. editae tabulam fingens.
Journal:Annales de la Société entomologique de France